There are several types of conflicts that may erupt as the combination of different individuals come together to form a team. Although negative thoughts come to mind when mentioning the word conflict, the situation can be possible as well.
You have A-type conflict and C-type conflict.

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A-type conflict also known as Emotional or affective conflict (Guetzkow & Gyre,1954) is described as one that is personal, defensive, and resentful. It is the result of someone that expresses personal friction and anger. This type of conflict provides personality clashes and egos to come abroad causing much tension amongst the team.
A-type conflict is very distractive within a team. I t may cause the teammates to lose focus on their objective. So much energy is being diverted to reducing the threats.
And trying to build unity instead of working on the actual task to be performed.
The effectiveness of the team is now in question. Due to the emotional strain the affective conflict causes, the team’s productivity dwindles and the unit does not perform up to their potential.
Besides all the negative things conflicts can cause, lets discuss some of the benefits of a conflict within a learning team. We’ve discussed how harmful A-type conflicts can harm a team. Things are a bit different when it comes to characteristics of a C-type conflict.
C- Type conflict also known as cognitive conflict can have a positive impact on the team.
It is usually the results of disputes about the different ideas, plans and projects.
This usually brings out the best among the team members. For example, when an individual disagrees with the idea of another teammate, it usually stimulates more communication within the team. Unlike with A-type, this forces the teammates to consider each others ideas. When in disagreement, this causes the teammates to really sit and come up with a solution that everyone is comfortable with.
One of the advantages of a cognitive conflict is that brings out constructive criticism.
Cognitive conflicts usually help the decision "making process by encouraging the team to be more productive and provide a very respectful decision. In contrast, this process increases the quality of the decisions made. It enhances the teams functioning capabilities.
A cognitive conflict usually is the result of a healthy environment.

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