The Boston Tea Party is now one of the biggest, breaking news in the times of the Colonies in Boston. I’ll tell you a brief story of what has happened just 2 days ago. The Boston Tea Party “so they call it” has just happened at the Boston harbor. What made this happen? Well I’ll tell you high taxes in the colonies is what caused this history making riot called the Boston tea party.
In November of 1973 The colonist are mad with the very high taxes. A group of colonist called sons of liberty, which are men that go out and threaten the tax collectors that something will happen to them if they dare make people pay taxes. Now the whole reason the taxes got started was because of the French and Indian war that the colonist didn’t even have a single thing to do with. Now colonist has to pay double taxes to pay off the debt of Britain. I guess the colonist have had it with the taxes that we are already paying to clear war debts and other British expenses.

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Our life-changing event begins December 16, 1973 in the middle of the night, the Boston tea party. The ships were docked with the crew still aboard (the ships have been docked up for weeks because of the strong threats by the sons of liberty) was ambushed with so called “Indians” which we did not find out till now were the sons of liberty and other colonist, now as I said before the only reason for this to happen was because of the high taxes in the colonies to pay off debts that the British had started. The colonist AKA Indians dumped 90,000 pounds of tea overboard into the Boston harbor that was stored in three very large ships docked to the Boston tea party. Now as for me I’d say that was the biggest cup of tea the Boston harbor ever had.
Now us here at the press are taking the patriot side and we are saying that they had all the Right in the world to dump all of that tea. They were defending us in the right of taxation because we did not start the war they did. Since they taxed us with the acts such as The Sugar Act or The Stamp Act we use the method of using boycott or the famous slogan NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. But now we can not buy tea without paying off all of the debts for the tea. And now we are getting in the war with the British. But what ever it takes we will get our freedom, justice, and LIBER-TEA.

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