Nowadays, the environmental problems are extremely important since they threaten to the future of human society and the survival of mankind at large. At the same time, the numerous environmental problems are basically determined by human activities and the development of the technology. Nowadays, the negative impact of some technologies and human activities on environment is obvious.

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One of the major problems of the modern world is the global warming. This problem affects all countries and all people. This is why the works dedicated to these problems will be interesting not only to environmental specialists but also to the large audience which is the target audience of this project. This problem is central in the project.
Firstly, the current level of the development of technologies is discussed. The analysis reveals that, regardless the high level of the development of technologies, mankind turns to be unable to resist to the environmental challenges people face today. The existing technologies considerably contribute to the deterioration of the situation and increase the negative impact of the global warming, speeding this process up.
Three major causes of the global warming are identified. Firstly, it is the industrial development which pollutes atmosphere with offensive emissions. Secondly, it is the traffic, namely vehicles using conventional fuel, which increase enormously the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. And, finally, it is the deforestation of the planet in the result of human activities, especially extensive agriculture. It was found out that all these factors lead to the ‘greenhouse effect’ the process which is the part of the global warming. The latter implies the increase of the average temperature on the Earth which does not necessarily mean the increasing temperature literally but it rather leads to the catastrophic climate change and natural disasters, such as melting of Arctic ice, hurricanes, etc.
The following solutions of the problem were offered. Firstly, it is necessary to minimize the negative effect of the existing technologies either through their improvement or limitation and, secondly, it is necessary to develop new technologies which could provide an opportunity to use effectively alternative sources of energy that would naturally decrease the negative impact of human activities on environment.—————————————————————————–
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