There once lived a baby kangaroo, everyone called her Joey. She lived out in Australia, and loved people. Ever since the first day she came into the world her mother knew she would make a difference in so many peoples lives. As she grew older her mother’s prophecy of her child came true day by day. It was as if people were just drawn to her personality. It came to be Joey’s senior year in kangaroo school, when she noticed there was something wrong with the way one of her very good friends was acting.

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His name was Mertle, and was a very interesting boy. He was too very much like Joey. In fact the reason they got along so well was probably based on that they were so much alike. Joey knew Mertle inside and out. She knew when something was wrong with him, when he was holding something back from her or even when he was hungry. So she knew that there had to have been something going on in Mertles life that she didn’t know about. When Joey tried to confront Mertle about this however, Mertle got very upset and told her to get out of his face. Now for Joey to hear this coming out of Mertles mouth was very surprising. Joey was shocked after she heard this, and immediately knew something big was wrong. Joey pondered on this situation for a long time until she came to the conclusion that if Mertle wasn’t going to tell her what was wrong she would just have to go on a little investigation.
Joey talked to everyone, Merltes friends, teachers, parents, and even all 29 of his siblings. When she had still gotten nowhere after talking to all these people Joey went to Mertles room. Knowing that this was a very big and risky decision to make, Joey saw it as her last chance to save her best friend from whatever was bothering him. She figured whatever she needed to know had to be somewhere in his room. Feeling really guilty on her way up to his room, because in her heart she didn’t want to invade her best friends privacy, something caught her attention. Right when Joey was going to open the door to Mertles room, she heard Merltes voice coming from inside it. Joey quickly turned around until she heard her name come from Merltes mouth. She turned her head towards the door again and then heard the most horrible thing come from Mertle. He said, “Joey, Oh she’s not my friend, where did you hear that from? I’m just nice to her to make her happy.” When she hear these words tears ran down her cheeks and down onto the floor. At that very moment Joey and Mertle made eye contact through the crack of his door. When Mertle saw how sad he had made Joey he was speechless, and could not say a word to her. Joey left that day very sad, and confused. She never did learn why Mertle had said those things about her, because Mertle could never look into her eyes after that day.
10 years later: Joey is a successful counselor who helps people out with their problems and still enjoys peoples company. Mertle on the other hand became a butcher because he never got past what happened between with him and Joey therefore never making a new friend the rest of his lonely life.

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