How should you eat ice cream?
“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost most likely did not have ice cream in mind when he wrote the poem “The Road Not Taken;” nevertheless it applies. The correlation between the two reveals itself through choosing the “road less traveled” or the less popular choice. I relate this to the wonderful world or ice cream in how I choose my silverware. Eating ice cream with a fork is more satisfying than using a spoon because a fork is much more versatile and productive.

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In eating ice cream, a fork can accomplish with ease what a spoon cannot. One defining moment in eating ice cream develops at the first instance. When first taken out of the freezer, ice cream is frozen, and when you dig in early with a spoon, a problem occurs. The toughness of the ice cream results in applying a downward force to the spoon, causing pressure and eventually the leverage flings the spoonful into the air, or the more likely scenario, on you. A fork, on the other hand, applies the force over four prongs with less surface area, causing more pressure at each point and easily slicing through the “tougher” areas, completing a successful and clean scoop. After you finish the majority of the carton, the edges and corners still hold small amounts of ice cream. An ice cream connoisseur knows that the ice cream in these edges and corners must not be left behind. With a curved edge, a spoon cannot reach these areas, but a straight-edged fork will. If you choose to use a fork, rather than the more popular spoon, you will be delighted to find your task easier and more thorough.
Every utensil man invents has its downfall; the fork follows this trend. Society will always ask, “What about the ‘soupy’ melted ice cream at the bottom of the bowl or carton?” The solution is obvious, “Be a man and drink it!” Forget about reputation and superficiality and perform the task economically and simply. Some also complain that when you do not finish a carton of ice cream, eating it with a fork leaves a “messy” or “ugly” unorganized surface with four prong marks atop the surface. A spoon, on the other hand, would leave it “pretty.” Once again, my simplest answer is this: “A real man does not need ‘pretty’ leftovers.” As for many families, only one member eats out of each carton and therefore the “prettiness” factor is irrelevant. But the benefits of a fork do not stop there.
As a tricky food, ice cream poses several difficulties, which a fork overcomes. I assume that the more sophisticated ice cream consumers enjoy a specialty ice cream rather than plain vanilla or chocolate. Inside these specialty ice creams come “goodies,” which range from chocolate chunks to cookie-dough, brownie, banana slices, and the classic marshmallow in Rocky Road. You may, as many would agree, opt to “pick” out the so-called “goodies”. If a choice must be made between which instrument to use to accomplish this digging out of the “goodies,” which would better accomplish this goal–a spoon or a fork? Once again, the fork triumphs. As the world always looks to make tasks easier, the fork clearly achieves its ice cream objectives better than its rival, the spoon.
So the next time you eat ice cream, use a fork. It may be the road less traveled, but it’s the better. And it has made all the difference for me.

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