He was a great man. Alexander Graham Bell that is, he is awesome. He created many things. He invented the telephone and the light bulb. Withought the telephone, we would have hard time communicating these days. Practically everyone uses the telephone.
Most people use the light bulb also. This was a great invention of Alexander Graham Bell. It would be annoying if we didn’t have electricity and had to use lanterns all the time, even though people do that…the Amish.
Alexander Graham Bell is a great man and we all love and cherish him very much for his inventions. We find much use in them. We use them everyday and without them, life would be more difficult.

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Alexander Graham Bell is dead now, of course. He lived a great life with everything he did for everyone. He made life easier and more helpful for people. Everything he did was positive, and made everything more efficient. It is great to know that people in the past have created great things to help the future out. We are grateful for his accomplishments.
Even though many people might think that it’s not a big deal now, it really is. It was especially a huge deal back when he invented them, because no one had seen anything like it before. Now, we are used to it but still appreciate it very much.
This is a great person, and everyone should realize how important that he really was. His accomplishments were very important and it is a great deal to everyone. Many other inventions were created by many other people alos, but Alexander Graham Bell created some of the most impressive and important.


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