Shark finning; little is known about this controversial issue. We see sharks in movies, Horror flicks where everyone dies from shark attacks, and News broadcasts of shark attacks and fatalities. With all this propaganda, who cares if they fin them for food, right?
Finning: the practice of removing the fins of a shark and dumping its carcass back into the ocean is a wasteful and unsportsmanlike practice that could lead to over fishing of shark resources. That is one of the points that are the sense of the Congress taken from the 106th congress 1st session. Is this any better than what early frontiersmen did? Skinning the buffalo and just leaving the skinned carcass to rot and be wasted? Hundreds of millions of sharks are killed each year only for their fins. Not using the rest of the shark carcass to it’s fullest potential is unsportsmanlike and wasteful.

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Shark fin soup, shark fin stew, these are delicacies. They are not a necessity to live and yet the demand is high. They are eaten primarily for the taste of the dish. Must we wait till they become and endangered species before we do something about it? The green sea turtles were killed for their shells and flesh nearly to extinction before we even started to try to stop the killing. Foods like this are not necessarily bad, but we must do it in moderation. Don’t have another green sea turtle event.
If there is something good, do you use it up till it’s all gone? Once it’s gone no one will be able to use that good thing again. In this case it’s shark finning. Will we fin them until there is no more? Future generations will neither see the sharks nor taste dishes like this again. Maybe if we use more of the shark’s body and kill less then we will be able to have the best of both worlds.
We do not necessarily have to stop killing the sharks altogether, but if we keep on killing the sharks at this rate, we will. Once the sharks are put on the endangered species list that is it. They will never be able to be finned again. I’m not saying stop killing the sharks completely, just do it everything in moderation. Do not overuse something just because it’s good. This ensures the best for everybody, killing off all the sharks doesn’t.


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