The Problem. Millions of parents are having to send their children each year to schools not of their own choice. Parents are only aloud to send their children to the schools within their district. One example of how this is a bad situation is that if a child lives in a poverty stricken area, they must attend the school located in that same area. Many parents want to send their children to the best schools, so they can get the finest education, but are unable to, because the government doesn’t allow it. There are only two ways for a child to get to go to a school out of their district in the present time one is by having a petition signed. The other way is if a child starts a school and then moves to another district they are aloud to finish school in the same school in which they started, in most instances. There are grants available to children wanting to attend either private schools or a public school out of their district, but these grants are limited and very hard to receive; these children must meet certain standards. These standards include: if the school has a high failing rate, if the student him or her self is failing, or if the environment is not safe.

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Why wait until your child is failing, or why send your child to a failing and unsafe school! According to the Education Board seventy-five percent of parents believe that families should have the right to select among various public schools. There are currently about sixty point three million children enrolled in elementary or secondary schools, fifty-three point seven million enrolled in public schools, six point six million children enrolled in private schools, and one point one million children are being taught at home in the United States. 
Only about twenty-five percent of public school parents give their child’s school an "A" rating. Parents would also like to send their children to private schools for either a religious reason or a better learning program. To send poor families’ children to private schools is almost impossible. Private schools are not funded by the government or the state itself. If parents choose to not let their child attend the school in their district and to let their child attend a private school they will have to pay for it entirely themselves. In the Open Enrollment Program, which is already a voucher program that is in use in Wisconsin the parent satisfaction and involvement rates increased to sixty-two percent. There are also, similar programs in Florida and Ohio which are helping students that are stuck in failing schools. There is also, a law in Colorado that establishes a pilot program to allow eligible children to attend participating non-public schools under a parent-school contract. 
However this law is only for failing students! Section II. Solution. The solution to the educational problem is to create a national law that sends a certain amount of money to each state depending on the enrollment of each school in that state, like usual. The only difference will be that the money also will go to any child attending a private school, just as if they were attending a public school. Once the state receives the money from the government the state will pass it down to each school like normal, only this time private schools will get money too, but only if they request it as a type of grant. This will include only schools using the School Voucher Program. Wherever a child goes to school is where the money should be! This solution will be at least satisfactory, because seventy-eight percent of private schools surveyed "very satisfied". Also, when using the Open Enrollment Plan sixty-two percent of the "chosen" public schools were surveyed as "excellent in parental satisfaction and school’s academic standards. The only complaint stated was that private schools were not included in the Open Enrollment Program; which the School Voucher Program will fix. Section III. 
Funding. Using the Open Enrollment Program that sixty-five percent support is already set up in Wisconsin. The state spends one hundred seventy million eight hundred thousand and three hundred dollars each year. If you take this amount and multiply it by the fifty states you get eight billion five hundred and forty million fifteen thousand dollars, but then you have to subtract the money that the state is already receiving from the national government per year; which in Wisconsin it is forty-five million for the year of 2002. So the final estimated cost to run the School Voucher Program would be six billion two hundred and ninety million fifteen thousand dollars. Funding the School Voucher Program should be relatively easy though. Wherever a child decides to go to school the money that the child is suppose to get to go to the school in his or her district should follow him or her, even to a private school. However, if the private school is going to exceed the price of the public school then the extra money should be paid from the money given to the state through the School Voucher Program. The excess money that the state needs to pay for the private schools that parents usually have to pay for will come from a two-cent tax put on every package of cigarettes. The School Voucher Program will also go around to major corporations in the United States asking for donations to their program. Corporations would be inclined to donate knowing that their future workers would be more educated. Section IV. Responsibility. The responsibility of this program will rest in the hands on the School Voucher Program. If the cost of this operation is not being met then the cigarette tax will keep increasing until it is met. If in the future people stop smoking cigarettes then there will be a tax activated on alcohol. Section V. Future Benefits. There are many future benefits of the School Voucher Program. One good representation of how the program would help parents is that they would be more satisfied, because they get to pick their child schools and if the one they pick is failing in some way, then they could pick another, and they can not complain this way. The low-class schools or the ones that the children withdraw from the most would be inclined to try to make their schools a better learning institution, therefore being more competitive to become better and to get back their students. This example would help improve schools everywhere, because no school would want to be left behind. Also, the parents would receive value for the education dollars spent by their communities. No racial, religious, geographic, or intelligence excuses would be of relevance. —————————————————————————–
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