Right or wrong is very important aspect of life. It may be knowing right people, things, places or situations. This knowing element will always help you, though it may not be the total winning aspect of life.
I believe that knowing the right people will always help you getting ahead in school or in work. For instance, in school or college we have some problem in any subject. Usually we don’t know whom to approach. If were a kind of person who tries to know or interacts with people well, then this wouldn’t be a big problem at all. We will know whom to approach to get it solved. Before making friends also it is very important to know them well. Good company will always enhance your personality.

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Taking into consideration of the above details, I wind up by preaching that knowing right people definitely helps a person. But at the same time, hard work, determination, discipline, confidence and intelligence also counts in getting ahead of others.
Coming to work, it is important that you know your superiors and subordinates well. Knowing your superiors will give you a chance to express yourself well. By doing so they will be aware of your skills and give you task that you can do better then others. This will enhance your efficiency. Knowing right people is important but at the same time it is important that right people know you. At work if you are superior to a group of people, knowing them will help you in many ways. When you need to assign some job you will know who can accomplish the task in a better way. As a result the delegation of task becomes easier which results in positive outputs.

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