Women have a very important role in the African society and religion. Africans believe this because of the various myths different clans accept as true. The African god, also known as Uwolowu, placed one woman on this earth. She was the first person who was known to be on this earth. God and this woman bore one child and continued to bare more children until the population grew form there. Another myth believed is about a woman and a man who were both infertile and could not have any children. God was said to have mixed salvia with sand and created a human sand figure. He then instructed the woman to place this figure in a pot and add milk to it for nine months. After she did this, limbs began to become real and later a child was born. Different clans believe different things about how life came to be but they all believe a woman was the main reason for how life came about. “A woman is a flower in a garden; her husband is fenced around it.” This saying from a proverb from Ghana shows that a woman is highly respected and taken care of in the African society and religion. They are a huge sign of fertility as well. They are also held high because they are allowed to become priestesses. Priestesses take a huge part in medical practices. After each child is born they pray with their clan giving thanks for the ability to have a child and recreate life.

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Also in the African religion crime is also a big deal and held as an offense not only to you but to God and the entire clan. The whole religion has a great understanding of what and what is not legal. They do not have written down laws but they are understood. They are basically all of the rules we have as a society but included is also things that Christianity has in their bible such as adultery. If a crime such as stealing is committed, the clan refers that person to the gods for punishment. This could result in torture, illness, or maybe even partial blindness. Also they could be made to go public and explain to everyone in the community why they did it and what they did exactly. This shows again that community and religion are intertwined.
. These supernatural powers are also seen in the African religion. They are also on a journey. However, in their religion they are on a journey from the time they are born. This kind of journey is called a spiritual journey. A spiritual journey can be defined as a journey in which one is trying to discover what lies underneath of their religion and trying to figure out exactly what that something may be. Their journey seems to be to believe and be grateful for the supernatural powers and the powers of nature. In the African religion, adventure of a journey is evident everywhere. Africans have to pass a certain threshold and once they do they are somewhat trapped in adventure. Their journey is extremely important in finding truth and light in what they believe.

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