People in the world are shaped by experiences they encounter. Therefore, every moment in a person’s life is significant and contributes to the character someone would make of himself or herself. In the play “A Doll’s House,” Nora goes through experiences that mold her into a more independent person, which changes her life completely. It is a perplexing theory that every moment in your life matters because people often take for granted the significance of these moments. Nora starts off as a dependant individual. There are many incidents that slowly manipulate Nora into the more independent person she becomes in the end.

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Nora grew up in an environment in which she was not taken seriously and living in her husband’s house, Nora is treated in the same ways. She also thinks herself as a independent individual. For example Nora says, “Yes, please, Torvald. I can’t get on without you (page 164).” However, throughout the play Nora begins to recognize the treatment she receives. In the play she states, “While I was at home with father he used to tell me all his opinions and I held the same opinions. If I had others I concealed them, because he would not have liked it. He used to call me his doll child, and play with me as I played with my dolls (page 204).” Nora’s ability to identify the treatment alone is a very big step in the development of her character because you can only change what you acknowledge. This statement by Nora also validates the theory that Nora was never taken seriously. Nora grew up within this household not being exposed to different treatment. While she went to look for a husband and settled down, it was a probable result that she was treated the way she was by Helmer. When someone is in an environment in which they are treated in a specific way, it becomes comfortable and familiar so it makes that environment hard to leave. Nora was naive to the fact that her life could be different; therefore she became very dependant.
Even though Nora had been treated unfairly, she finally gets the courage to stand up to Torvald and express her true feelings. Nora says, “There’s another problem to be solved first-I must try and educate myself. You are not the man to help me do that. I must set about it alone. And that is why I am now leaving you (page 205).” This statement expressed by Nora reveals the fact that she has recognized the path, which will lead to a more fulfilling lifestyle. This is the first step to independence for Nora and it truly shows a character growth within her.
While witnessing Nora’s life learned lessons, it arouses motivation in recognizing aspects of my life that I need to grow in. Nora started from being a very naпve and dependant individual to a strong, opinionated, and independent individual. There are many incidents in Nora’s life that shape Nora into the independent person that she becomes. The whole experience with Torvold is her miracle because it allows her to distinguish that she can become a person taken seriously in the world.
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