Political Debate Topics


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Political debates can be undertaken by anybody, from the academically gifted, to the dumb and ignorant. The truth is that anybody should be able to debate politics. If we leave it up to scholars or people study politics, then we leave ourselves open for manipulation. The opinion of the ignorant may be less valid that the opinion of a person who has put a lot of thought into their opinion, but that does not make it automatically wrong (or right). The way an opinion is formed does not make it right or wrong. It is how well that opinion stands up to debate that makes it “right” or “wrong” (if such a thing exists).

Political debates can help people learn how to persuade

When it comes to political debate topics, there is never often a clear answer. A lot of politics is to do with compromise. You do not often get the right or wrong situation when it comes to politics. Many times politics is more about striking a balance that allows all parties to come away with something, without one side feeling that it had been wronged or sold short. When political debates are held the people involved often grow better at persuading people. Because many times when it comes to politics, the power of persuasion is the only thing that can put a topic to rest. Otherwise, people run in circles making the same were valid arguments and getting nowhere

Political debates will help participants to realize just how powerful persuasion really is. A political debate may be all that a person needs to encourage them to develop their charm, charisma and manner. When a person realizes just how powerful persuasion really is, it will often spur them on to develop the ingredients needed to be a persuasive person (such as charm and charisma).

1. The Dalai Lama should no longer be considered a state leader.
2. Politics is a field only for the rich.
3. The Republican Party needs to modernize if it ever wants to win another US election.
4. There’s too much money spent on political campaigning.
5. The state should have a legal limit as to how much a political party can spend on an election campaign.
6. Abortion should be legalized.
7. Opponents of abortion are callous.
8. Believer of gun control oppose personal freedoms.
9. The government should have the right to take away personal freedoms for national security.
10. Should it be illegal to sell assault weapons to the general public?
11. Taxes have no basis morally.
12. The rich should have to pay more tax than the poor.
13. Everyone should have to pay the same basic rate of tax.
14. Abortion should only be allowed if the mother is at a direct risk of permanent damage.
15. Creationism shouldn’t be thought of as a science.
16. Evolution should be taught in all religious and state schools.
17. The 10 commandments should be taught in every school.
18. Government should adhere to the 10 commandments when making laws.
19. There doesn’t need to be an upper and lower house in Washington DC.
20. The Federal Government in the US has too much power.
21. Decentralized government is the best form of governance.
22. China had no right to take control of Taiwan.
23. Chinese power must be restricted to stop it from becoming too powerful.
24. America needs to increase its military strength to compete with China.
25. Flag burning is a perfectly valid form of protest.
26. The political system doesn’t accurately represent the views of all sections of society.
27. The Confederate flag should be considered as an offensive symbol.
28. Welfare is wrong and encourages people to do nothing.
29. We should decide what to spend our taxes on.
30. The people don’t have enough say in how they’re governed.
31. Gay couples should be allowed to marry.
32. Should couples have the legal right to adopt?
33. The police should be able to hold their suspects without charging them with a crime.
34. Human cloning is the way forward in the future.
35. Torture is a perfectly valid method of interrogation.
36. The government should be able to torture who they like when they like in the interests of national security.
37. Internet businesses should be taxed more heavily.
38. Should the government place heavy taxes on household Internet usage?
39. Does the government need to assert more control over what people can and can’t access via the Internet?
40. Is open government a danger to national security or a necessary freedom?
41. Nuclear weapons should be heavily restricted in their numbers.
42. No country should have the authority to carry out nuclear tests without the authorization of the UN.
43. Private citizens shouldn’t be able to sue a company.
44. Black people shouldn’t have the same rights as white people.
45. Private healthcare alienates the poor from the care they need to live a happy and healthy life.
46. It’s perfectly fine to manipulate history to get a specific point across.
47. Federal government should control the school curriculum in both public and private schools.
48. Offending people in the name of entertainment should be illegal.
49. Should religion have such a prominent place in our society?
50. Does religion act contrary to proper governance?
51. We don’t do enough to protect the environment from harm.
52. Members of society should be rehomed according to their social class.
53. The rich should have special privileges.
54. The government should withdraw all foreign aid for third-world countries.
55. America should return to a state of isolationism.
56. The US needs to make more allies if it’s to prosper in the modern world.
57. All citizens should spend an hour a week doing something to help the environment.
58. The political system isn’t open enough for new parties to enter it.
59. Proportional representation is a better system of voting.
60. Politicians should be able to enter the military as high-ranking officials, if they so desire.