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Essay Examples

Argumentative Essay

Australia’s Macroeconomic Policy

  • Academic level: University
  • Subject: Economics
  • Paper format: MLA
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Cause and Effect Essay

The Consequences of World War II

  • Academic level: High School
  • Subject: History
  • Paper format: MLA
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Descriptive Essay

The Scientific Method

  • Academic level: College
  • Subject: Technology
  • Paper format: MLA
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Ethics, Technology, Sustainability, and Social Issues in Business

  • Academic level: Ph.D.
  • Subject: Business Studies
  • Paper format: APA
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You may have been given an essay topic, and if this is the case then your professor clearly wants something from you. Your marking guide or assignment notes may help you figure out what it is, but usually it is something to do with the subject and topics you have covered just recently in class. It may have something to do with the module you are about to cover, as your professor may want you to research it and write about it so that he or she doesn’t have to go over it as much in class. Those are all the tips you need if you have been given your essay topic, but there are more below if you are still struggling. If you have to pick your own topic, then you are going to desperately need the tips listed below.

Persuasive and argumentative topics are the most tired in the business!

It is just a fact. Students, academic writers and published writers (online or offline) are unoriginal and professors are sick of it. No matter how ingenious you think your thoughts are, and no matter how fresh you think your insights are, you can be sure that your professor has read the same thing hundreds of times. When picking your topic you should go for something less frequently covered. Do not go to original, such as trying to persuade the reader that plants have souls, but steer clear of the most common issues. If you are not sure what they are, then type in the words, ‘list of argumentative essay topics’ into Google and read the first ten articles.

Check how much research you can consult before confirming your topic

You may have decided upon your topic, you may be excited about it and you may have lots of ideas and insights, but before you start planning you should check how much research there is on the subject. You may have hundreds of notes about how lying may be detected through chemicals in sweat, but your ideas will need at least some hard facts to justify them and if those hard facts don’t exist, maybe because of a lack of genuine studies, then you will struggle to get a good grade on your essay.

If you were given a topic then concentrate on being concise

You may have been given a choice of topics or a very restrictive area in which to choose your topic. If this has happened to you then the word of the week for you is ‘concise’. Make your point, make it hard, and move on. Do this because your professor is going to read what is essentially the same essay hundreds of times per term, so make your essay concise to the point of being robotic so it is easier to mark.

An easy-to-read essay is going to score higher if you were given a topic

Again, your professor is going to read what is essentially the same essay over and over again, so make your essay easy to read. Leave the complex sentence structures and the dramatic reveals for another essay. If you are choosing your own topic then do not pick one off the Internet unless you are going to twist it. If your professor wanted you to lift one from the Internet or your textbook then he or she would have instructed you to.

Are you able to pick something you are already passionate about?

It makes writing more pleasurable, which means you will probably do a better job. You will also have already come up with a bunch of ideas and persuasive arguments in the past that you can add, plus you will be more dedicated to coming up with more arguments as you work.

Your passion need not come from pleasure. You may have had a girlfriend in the past that was sure childhood inoculations caused autism. You may have pointed out to her that you and all your friends were inoculated as children and you still have never met an autistic person never mind all your friends not being autistic. Your girlfriend may have brushed off your logical argument, which forced you to come up with more and more arguments to prove her wrong. If this story is similar to one you have then write a persuasive essay about that topic. Your passion, even your anger, will help you write a better and more persuasive essay.

Persuasive Essay Topics:

1. All that glisters is not gold, but some is
2. Charity begins at home
3. He prayeth best who loveth best
4. The Bible supports that man can and should eat meat
5. Strikes ultimately fail
6. Honesty is the best policy
7. Habit is second nature
8. Paternity Leave should be given equal status as maternity leave
9. 3D Television is pointless
10. Culture and society: does culture matter?
11. Write an essay that will convince the reader to try the activity you greatly enjoy
12. Duty: moral, social, civil
13. A coalition government is a failed government
14. The need for keeping one’s cool or temper under control
15. Why adoption should be considered before pregnancy
16. Americans should have more and longer vacations
17. Social Media is a necessary evil
18. Explain the difference between fiscal and financial
19. Digital forms of communication have made communicating easier and more open
20. Volunteering promotes a greater sense of community
21. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown
22. Students should forced to take physical education classes in college
23. Variety is the mother of enjoyment
24. The state of the nation: Don’t be a couch potato
25. Various class activities improve students’ motivation
26. There will never be peace in the Middle East
27. Some sports do not belong in the Olympic Games
28. What is your favorite movie and explain why the reader of your essay should watch it
29. European degrees prepare a student for the world of work more than a US degree
30. The production and selling of cigarettes should be illegal
31. A vote not cast is a vote wasted
33. There should be a law requiring manufacturers to label ALL foods containing GMOs
34. Should the children of illegal immigrants receive a free education?
35. People have become too dependent on technology
36. Anti-smoking ad are ineffective due to peer pressure
37. Drug cheats in all sports should be banned for life
38. There are too many TV adverts for charities
39. Write an essay on how to break a specific habit that is harmful to physical, emotional, or financial health
40. The case for more people to work from home
41. ‘Eye for an eye’ is not a justification for punishment
42. The case for carpooling
43. People waste too much time playing stupid games on their phone
44. American TV does not reflect the diversity of the nation
45. Parents Have Different Hopes and Standards for Their Daughters than for their sons
46. Reality TV is robbing people with genuine talent of job opportunities
47. It is important to shop locally as much as possible
48. A messy desk equals a creative mind
49. Can you still be good even if you have no faith?
50. Stuff is a measure of success but not happiness