This persuasive essay is very much a piece of work that few people will concern in the western world, yet it is very important to a student like us. I still remember when I was a student in Hong Kong, we need to wear uniform everyday to school. Although I’m a small "kid", I have several sets of uniforms for me to change everyday. I, as a "Non-uniform radical", will now present you my very negative opinion upon my experience of wearing the "God knows who design such an immoral" school uniform.
I have to say that wearing tight clothes in the "Great" Asia area is like a prisoner being tightened by a chain with a torturing soul. Imagine, the temperature right now is about thirty-two degree Celsius, and you are sweating because there is no air conditioning in your room. A fan will do the work of blowing the wind, yet when you turn on the motor, you find out that you are enjoying the "hot" wind. Basically, you are like a hot dog being pressed hard by two pieces of bread, and you finally realize you will never want to attempt a field trip to hell because you already feel the sensation. After experiencing the torment of uniform, I finally realize that I should not say, "Go to hell!" to my friend anymore, because I’ve already been there!

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A long time ago, if my memory serves me right—-Well—-not really because I don’t even remember when, but I recall that I have asked my father before, I said, "Dad, why do I need to wear the school uniform?" After recognizing a blank stare from his face, I found out that he is not the "Doctor Owl" who knows everything. Therefore, I came up with an answer that there must be a "evil force" or perhaps a "dark side" forcing us to wear it; strangely, I assumed that the "dark side" is my principal, I told myself, "One day when I grow up, I will staple the world ugliest uniform on your body and make you wear it for your whole life." However, as I become older, I find out that she is not the person I should blame on.
As years pass by, I finally came up with a conclusion that uniform symbolizes order. When I reflect the symbol back to the theory of the teaching method refer to Hong Kong’s education, I eventually understand the meaning. If I didn’t wear the "order" suits, I wouldn’t be a man who knows what is right and what is not; I wouldn’t be a man who knows clearly about the right to play a role in society.
To sum up my idea, I think the "not-so-comfortable" clothes have benefited me in some way, yet I will still held my thought like before, which is, "I STILL HATE TO WEAR UNIFORM!"

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