The dress code policy for the Shelby County Schools is too strict for my liking. The new rules have gone way overboard in my opinion. The Board should re-evaluate their ruling if nothing but for the fact that it is discriminatory against women.
For instance, the disallowance of wearing tanks tops for middle and high school girls is very unfair. Tank tops are by far more modest than spaghetti strap shirts. Tanks cover the entire chest region and stomach area compared with strappy shirts that leave the shoulders exposed. Heaven forbid. The School Board has exaggerated their power and importance in this particular rule, once again targeting women.
Another dress code policy no-no is pajama pants. While these pants cover everything, this item is forbidden by the School Board dress policy. I do not understand the Board’s reasoning on this rule at all, but at least it covers both guys and girls.

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While I understand the policy on mini-skirts and short-shorts, knee-length shorts and skirts are really stretching this matter. No one wears long shorts or skirts unless they attend private schools. Is this what the School Board has in mind – to become more like private school? Fingertips. What’s that all about?
I agree that spandex, net shirts, halters, midrifts, etc. are very unacceptable and parents shouldn’t let their children leave home with these items on. These items are distasteful and would make a girl look less than pure, if you know what I mean. Besides all of the above items are out of style and I wouldn’t be caught dead in them especially at school.
In conclusion, the School Board needs to call a meeting to re-configure the entire dress code policy. Why do they mainly pick on women and their clothing? Maybe the School Board should let the parents be responsible for the way their kids dress for school. Possibly, the student could be sent home or suspended if he/she were dressed unappropriately. I don’t know all the answers, but I say this Shelby County dress code is un-American and should be changed.
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