My day started off at 6:00 am on the beach of San Onofre. My friends and I all got woken up by the sun. We got out of our tents and ran down to the water to mess around and surf a little before the beach got crowded. I caught a few good waves and ate it twice before we decided to go make some breakfast. We cooked up some poptarts and washed them down with fresh squeezed orange juice.

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We all talked and laughed over the less than nutritious meal. After we ate, some of the guys went into the water while the girls and I stayed in the sand to catch some sun. I laid on my towel for a few hours, flipping over every 30 minutes or so to not get burnt. Around 1 pm we all went into the water to surf some more before the waves died. I got on my board and loved the smell of the salt water and the sounds of the waves crashing. I loved just being with my friends without any worries of school or work or any forgotten responsibilities.
We surfed for a while and then when we were too tired to surf anymore we got out and started tossing some balls around on the beach. We laughed, played tag football, Frisbee, and tossed around a water polo ball for a long time before we were all hungry for an early dinner. One of the guys started a fire and we cooked up huge ball park hot dogs. We sat around the fire and talked about random things until it got dark. Then after we ate we decided to play some games, we played tag and went in the water some more. The water was warm because it was summer and it felt really refreshing. Then later that night when we were all too tired to move we went up to the beach where we layed out our tents, and went to sleep. This day was the best day of my life, and it was the beginning of a lot of days spent very well.
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