The summer of 2000 was a summer of numerous adventures for my friends and me. You name it and we did it, from pranking our pastor to camping out in each other’s backyard. Sometimes the girls would prank the guys, but then the guys would turn right around and retaliate. This would go back and forth till someone would say, "Hey, let’s quit this for a while!"
One particular time my friend, Christina, and I were camping in my back yard on, what felt like, the hottest night of the summer. Christina decided that she was going to spend the night with me. I didn’t care a bit for her spending the night, but the next thing she wanted to do was stay in my camper in my back yard. We had talked about staying a night in there, but I wanted electricity and water. Oh, but no, Christina wanted to stay in it, didn’t matter about life’s little perks.

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She said, "Oh, Christie, come on if I can stand not having a shower or air conditioning I know you can!"
Well, she was right I could do it, but in the back of my head I was thinking "Oh no, the boys will come and try to prank us if they know we are out there." But if they did we would just have to get them back. I didn’t worry about it any more that night, so that’s what we did! We camped out in my back yard in the camper.
After we had gotten our pajamas on and eaten our last meal of the night we took a little hike to my back yard to what would be our shelter for the night. It was a pretty good size camper that can hold about six people comfortably, but it was just us two girls roughing it.
The first thing we did was we turn a light on and opened every window possible. Then we just sat and talked about everything known to man. This conversation was going to be extra special due-to Christina had a crush on Jonathan, one of our mutual friends.
"Why in the world do I like Jon, Christie? I mean, I have grown up with him and for some reason have grown to like him!" Christina said.
"I don’t know, Sis. But you to do look like you all are having fun together."
As the conversation became a tell-all about who each of us thought was cute or cool to hang out with or just plain ola weird, Christina squealed like a pig in a greased pig contest over a big moth flying into the screen of the window beside her.
"I’m such a scaredy cat," Christina said, embarrassed.
"HA HA!! And you were the one who wanted to come out here!"
"Oh shut up! It was just a bug. OKAY!"
After we calmed down we went right back on talking about the boys. Then once again Christina, now slightly paranoid, looked at me and said, "Did you hear that?"
"Uhhh – no. I can’t hear anything. Quit breathing so hard! What did it sound like?
"It sounded like Jon laughing."
At this point I thought she was just trying to make me as scared as she was. But it didn’t work on me. I’m smarter then the average girl.
All-of-the-sudden something hit the roof of the camper. The camper was under a tree, so I thought "Oh it’s just a nut or something falling off and landing on the roof." Then about four noises that sounded like someone was coming from my back porch. Then we realized that oh gosh someone is out there. Christina decided to turn off the light in the camper to see if the moon could help us see who it was. Next thing that happened was the camper started to rock back and forth. And once again I heard much laughter cause by this time I was standing up looking out of the window, and the rocking made me hit my head on the window pane.
So I yelled, "Hello, Jon."
"I’m not Jon." said Justin, Jon’s friend.
"Oh really!"
"Couldn’t tell ya. Ha ha!"
By this time Christina was freaking out, locking the door and attempting to shut every window in the camper.
"Why are you shutting the windows? If you do that it will get hotter in here, and we are already down to our panties and bras!"
"Where they won’t reach in and get us."
"Tina Lea, your crazy!"
By this time the boys knew we knew who they were. They kept doing stuff to the camper.
Unexpectedly, a large tan hand smacked the window pane behind Christina’s head. It was our other friend Brian. This was the time the boys did something that scared me because I wasn’t expecting it.
Then next thing we knew everything was quiet: the type of eerie silence that makes you overly paranoid. We decided to try to go to sleep in our rather warm shelter.
"Hey hey ,you all asleep?" said Jon.
We were silent. Hopefully, they would think we were asleep and leave. But no, they stayed there and talked about us. It was very interesting to hear what guys think about girls.
Well, we gave up our acting trick and talked to them.
"So how did we do?" asked Justin.
"Well, you all did okay for three clumsy boys," Christina said harshly.
We talked for about an half an hour and the boys stood up and told us bye and ran away. We had no idea what was going on or the reason why they left so quickly.
The next day I found out they ran because they thought they had heard my back door open. I thought I would get in trouble for letting them stay and talk to us. I told them to leave and not come back for the rest of the night. They didn’t and we got a good nights rest.
As we looked back on this night back in 2000 we realized that that summer was the best summer of our lives. Because we spent it together and had tons of fun. That summer will be the summer I tell the grandkids about!!
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