Air pollution is the contamination of the planet’s atmosphere with pollutants of different origin. Nowadays the problem of air pollution is quite urgent, because every big city suffers from this problem severely. Very often the air is pollutant to such an extent that it is impossible to walk along the street without a protective mask. Moreover, there are cities which have such a high level of pollutants in the air, that the city is covered with a fog or the so called smog, which resembles the mixture of smoke and fog. Of course, air pollution is extremely harmful for the human and animal organism. The most frequent diseases and disorders connected with air pollution are connected with respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Many people, especially children, suffer from asthma and other diseases connected with the shortage of breath. Air is polluted by different pollutants of the anthropogenic and natural origin.

The natural pollutants contaminate the air to the certain extent and the most obvious pollutants of this kind are: volcanic ash, smoke of a fire and dust of different origin. Anthropogenic influence on the condition of the air is far more dangerous. The consequences of the industrial activity and transport are so harmful, that have polluted the atmosphere of the whole planet during the period of no more than 100 years. In addition, there is a problem of smoking, which also contaminates air and causes harm to the passive smokers. Air pollution not only causes harm to the human health, but also to the ecologic condition of the planet provoking greenhouse effect and the global warming process. The pollutants which remain in the air prevent the reflection of the solar energy back into the space and this energy accumulated in the atmosphere and increases the average temperature of the planet.

Air pollution is a serious problem of the current time and it should be solved as quickly as possible.

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