Academics are the reason to attend college but wow! Add a sport and you really have some fun added together with knowledge.
We are twin sisters and together have played softball since we were 7 years old. Back then, we just played because it was something to do and part of our participation in year round sports. Now, it is our passion as we practice year round and is part of our daily routine along with academic studies.

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Throughout the years, we have made our best friends and mentors swinging the bat and cheering at games on summer and school teams. Our summers were filled with every opportunity to strive to make ourselves better at softball and therefore when fall came and school began, we were ready to make every effort to do our best in our classes. Therefore the two went together! We were both great athletes and great students!
Our teachers and our coaches have paved the way for us to learn and lead us to open minds in every day activities. Our lives have been enriched with relationships formed by the good morals we have been taught. Yes, our teachers and coaches (and parents) have been the root of all our learning experiences. One would not flourish without the other as they are strong roots that have been formed and they all compliment one another.
Whether we strive to do our best during a tough quiz in an AP class or toughen up to get through the fun game with a sore shoulder or arm, we know that the feeling of satisfaction glows as we get through it because we have done our best!
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