This paper will be discussing the background and differences in logical and physical network designs. There will also be illustrations of actual network designs. This paper will layout why each type of network design is necessary in creating a network.
As networks become increasingly more complex and more common, designing these networks has become more complex as well. Today’s networks have become larger and include newer technology that did not exist even five years ago. In order to create a network that entails every aspect of the technology in use by many corporations and to allow for future upgrades, a network design team will need to analyze and test each scenario. Using logical and physical network designs allows the team to create the best possible network for a given corporation.

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The best tool for creating these networks is to create a logical network first. This design simply shows the basics for the network. The goal of this design to show what the network will look like. It does not go into detail of each piece of equipment that is connected to the network. The logical network design allows designers to show customers or supervisors what the network would look like without going in depth. This allows them to add other equipment, show routing flow, or to remove possible problems. The logical design keeps the briefing of a network easier to address issues or concerns. The diagram below will show a simple logical network design. It shows the very basics of the network.
In the physical network design, a network is laid out in exactly the way it will look like. Each piece of equipment is shown with its IP address, the way it will connect to the network. This could be wireless, coaxial, or by CAT 5 cable. Each router in the network will be shown as well as the servers. Each data flow will be shown. The designer will have detailed icons of each item. This allows them to show users, customers and anyone that would approve of the network exactly how the network would look when it is completed. As the design is done in stages, it can be shown to the customer for possible issues. Once the design is in the physical stage, most the design issues are already cleared up. This design will be then used to begin the building of the network.
This paper has discussed the differences in Logical and physical network design. It briefly touched upon the reasons for each and what each design is used for. These two forms of network designs are needed to accomplish the design stages of a company’s network. Without either, building a network would be very tough and frustrating for the IT department.
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