Different people pick out their occupations based on different things. Though, there are some standard criteria a person usually figures out who he/she wants to be on. Some people choose a professional path in life due to the desire of their parents or some other external influence. Some people choose the profession according to the monetary remuneration it may bring in the future. Sadly, very few people base their choice of occupation purely on the actual desire of connection their lives with some particular career. With me it was different. Actually I never wondered who to become, this desire was just always inside me. From early years I just knew that I wanted to connect my life with medicine.
In my short essay I would like to tell you my life story and provide you with the reasons why I have always wanted to become a nurse. I really hope that my personal story will prove my sincere desire to enroll in the FIU program. 
My name is Elyam Munoz I was born in Cuba on November twenty-forth, nineteen eighty-nine. My childhood was rather happy and cloudless. I was a normal, happy child like everybody else…though not like everybody else. When I was eleven my beloved father set out to the United States of America in search of fortune. It was a great emotional and nervous shock for me. Maybe it was as early as at that time, when being so upset, I realized that in my future life I wanted to help those who are upset emotionally and unhealthy physically. Though, at that time, being so young, I was very far from fulfilling my plan and I went on living a life of a regular teenager.

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Of course, my family and I tried to come to the United States and join with my father repeatedly. Though, as ill lack would have it, none of our attempts worked out. Thus, for the next fifteen years I stayed in Cuba building my idea of the perfect occupation that was – helping people to get better. After graduating from High School, of course, my choice was to enter the Instituto de Ciencias Medicas – Medical University situated in Havana.
Six years later I graduated from the University and in August of year nineteen-ninety-two I was a newly-fledged ambitious doctor. I was very excited to finally get my diploma, moreover I was thrilled to start helping people. Though, that year was marked for me not only by receiving ht university diploma. That was the same year I got married to my dear husband and got pregnant with my first child that was born next year.
Subsequent to working as a doctor for the next couple of years in nineteen-ninety-five I came to the United States of America and rejoined with my father. Now, that my family was complete again I decided to move on with my professional goals and desires. When working as a doctor in small clinics I, over and over again, realized that working with patients was the only thing I really loved to do for work. Yes, working in a hospital included working long and often unsocial hours, and a pay level that was rather deprecating in comparison with many other jobs. Moreover, sometimes it included being abused and insulted by those that I aimed so hard to serve. Though, it all did not matter, because I was determined to continue what I have always wanted to do.
At some point of my medical carrier I realized that I wanted to do something more than being simply a doctor. I wanted to achieve something higher that would make it possible for me to influence positively the life of simple employees in the medicine field. For this purpose I tried to enter the Medicine Board in year nineteen-ninety-seven, however I did not succeed and had to face my failure.
Being a very determined and goal oriented person I was not put down by not being accepted to the Medical Board. On the contrary – I decided to channel my energy in a bit different direction. I decided to make a special studying course to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Four years later I graduated from the courses and started to work at the Home Health Agencies.
I was overwhelmed by innovating ideas and some months upon graduation I was able to start my own business. This enterprise was a centre for an outpatient rehabilitation therapy. My business was successful, because I employed people who were dedicated to making people happier the way I have always been. Thus, we worked together in order to achieve our common goal and under these circumstances success was inevitable.
Being occupied with my business I did not stop thinking about acquiring more knowledge in field of medicine. Thus, when couple of year ago I found out about the Foreign Physicians Nursing Program in the FIU I set my heart on applying for it. My path in the filed of medicine was long and I have tried myself in several branches. Though, making one more course to become a real nurse was very exciting for me. I am really eager to enter the Physicians Nursing Program in the FIU and I really hope that upon graduating this program I would be able to do much more for people that I am able right now.
Many of my friends wonder why I choose to be a nurse. They think that this profession is not only not profitable but is simply thankless. According to them, even after being helped, most of the people do not appreciate what had been done to them. I listen to people who say such things with a smile because I know that they are not on the right. I know that I and many other people, who decide to become nurses, care about the fellow man or woman. Inside us all there is a desire to do something with our lives, which could improve the lives of others. We simply cannot do anything with it, and frankly speaking I am not willing to change it. Thus, now becoming a Register Nurse and later becoming a Nurse Practitioner are the top goals on the “To-Do” list for me.—————————————————————————–
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