When choosing the future occupation, I have taking into consideration several factors. They were both- subjective and objective. First of all, I was choosing an occupation that would match my internal beliefs and would highlight my best qualities. I have no doubts while choosing to become a Physician Assistant (PA), as when being called just an “assistant”, PA is a practicing professional, who fulfills his duties under supervision of a physician or a surgeon.
In general, PA’s duties may vary depending on training received, experience and the state laws, where he performs his duties, but as far as I understand, PA can perform up to 80% of physician’s duties. In some cases PA can do medical practice equally to a physician.

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What I like about this occupation, is that PA shares the responsibility with a doctor and assists him in everything. Sometimes it is impossible for a doctor to cope with everything. And I am exactly the type of personality that would perfectly fir this kind of work. I think that all occupation are equally important and it is not right to state that being a doctor is more important or better then being an assistant. I am sure that each person has his own choice depending on inner beliefs, knowledge and future expectations.
It is known that physician assistant (PA), as a profession appeared about forty years ago because of uneven distribution and even lack of physicians of primary care. And the first PAs were Navy corpsmen who were skilled in medicine as they were trained it to help during Vietnam War.
PAs are usually educated to provide a wide range of health care services: diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic. Ordinarily common duties are appointed by a physician and by State Law. They include: taking and studying medical histories, making diagnoses, examining patients, working with laboratory tests and x-rays and so on. PAs are enough independent in examining and treating diseases. As I had many experiences in health care and people support, I think that one of the main social tasks of a PA is to help patients and their families befittingly cope with different situations and feel confident about the issues they are dealing with. PAs can also be assigned to treat minor injuries, record patience notes and develop treatment plans. As PAs specialize in all the branches of modern medicine (Example: primary care medicine- family and internal medicine, pediatrics; surgery and its subdivisions) I can state that some duties are very specific for each branch. For example as far as I’m knowledgeable in this area PAs that specialize in surgery provide pre- and post-operative care and can even work as assistants during the major surgery.
That is why I want to impact to the present PAs’ practice and I am sure that all my efforts, knowledge, experience and strong desire will be very helpful in this occupation and will bring beneficial to me and my future patients.—————————————————————————–
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