The misuse of solvents can be just as effective on the body as using harmful drugs. Solvents are taken into the body through inhalation. There are various organic solvents, including glue and toxic fumes. The inhalations of solvents affect various organs in the body, and these include the lungs and the CNS (Central Nervous System). When someone breathes in solvents, the toxic fumes enter the lungs and damage the lung tissue. This makes it difficult to breathe after misusing solvents over a period. If they continue to inhale toxic fumes/solvents, it can lead to damage which result in cancer and asthma. It can also damage other parts of the breathing system. Misusing solvents can result in freezing the larynx, which means it prevents the person from breathing. The airwaves can also be blocked which also prevents the person from breathing.

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Inhaling the solvents also affects the CNS. The messages passed from the brain around the body, travel through neurons. These neurons are controlled by neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters have to be working well so that all the messages can be sent efficiently to the right part of the body. The problem with solvents, is that when inhaled they damage the brain. This damage also affects the neurotransmitters. As they act as anesthetics, they numb what they are affecting. This means the neurotransmitters are numbed. This means that the messaged that are passed through the neurons become inadequate and inefficient. This results in the user feeling dizzy, have a loss of co-ordination and control. The effects to the brain are similar to being drunk.
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