If you were asked, "who is the most famous person in the world" then one name would immediately pop into your mind. Michael Jackson. An American singing superstar who has been at the forefront of the music industry for virtually his entire life. But who is the Michael Jackson off stage? Through years and years of media speculation the answer to this question is unclear. Jackson’s reputation had been at it’s highest when he was just 11 years old. It seemed as though the world did not want him to gorw up. And when he did, the world watched with intrigue and cynnicism.

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Changes to his face were made firstly due to the result of going through puberty. His first nose job was because of an injury that had occured. It seems though he liked what he saw after his face was altered, so he kept going back routinley to try to achieve complete perfection and to fill his naivity he had had since he was teased as a teenage boy. Yet, after studying his face carefully, we can see that his face has not undergone the number of changes that the media would like us to believe. Because of his race, the media made a hge deal of his "nose jobs" and when he contracted the vitiligo diseases (that destroys pigmentation of the skin)the media and public had drawn to the conclusion that he had reached a state of thinking that white equaled beauty.
However, contrary to popular beliefs that this was the motvie behind his frequent visits to his plastic surgeon, we have never heard him to be ashamed of his race nor does he have a reason to be. For instance, it certainly isn’t going to affect record sales, as "Thriller" was a phenomenal hit which became the biggest selling album world-wide and is still selling, yet he still had black skin and had not yet been affected by the disease.
Providing the downslide of his reputation though, record sales decreased although the music did not. This problem has deepy affected his career but ultimately, is insignificant to him as the enormous fan base will pull him through, charting his albums highly once they’re released, proving that an international pop icon will never fade out, not according to his massive number of fans, anyway…
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