Matthias Jacob Schleiden became on the 5 April 1804 in Hamburg born. Its father was an esteemed physician. Matthias Schleiden studied in Heidelberg law, graduated 1826 to the Dr. jur. and became lawyer in its home town Hamburg. This activity was for it unsatisfactory and little successful. He had always more strongly becoming depression that led in addition, that he shot himself 1832 a ball into the head. It could be rescued and concluded to change its life of reason up.
Schleiden in Gettingen began 1832 a medical studies and won Bartling interest in the botany through the influence of its teacher. Schleiden went 1835 to Berlin, where its uncle J. Horkel professor was and itself main with plant anatomy, but also with plant physiology busied. Here it became acquainted with also Richard Brown. Both scientists encouraged it to busy themselves with questions of the Pflanzenembryologie and the Zellbildung. Several botanical work to these subjects emerged. It overcame an again appearing depression phase with relative in Wernigerode at the resin.

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Schleiden recovered 1839 its second doctorate (Dr. phil.) in Jena for its botanical work and was appointed 1840 to the extraordinary professor, 1846 to the orderly honorarium professor and 1850 to the orderly professor for science. Working overloads as a per chancellor and dean led 1862 again to depression. After differences of opinion with its preceded authority, it took 1863 its departure out of the civil service and received a professorship in Dorpat (Tartu, Estonia) until 1864.
Subsequently it lived as a private apprenticeship in Dresden, Frankfurt/main, Darmstadt and Wiesbaden. Matthias Schleiden died on the 23 June 1881 in Frankfurt/main. first of all lawyer, late botany. Begrender of the Zelltheorie. Author of the "fundamentals of the scientific botany" (1842), the authoritative botany textbook in the middle of the past century. It referred therein and a. on that that in the photosynthesiss waters and carbon dioxide is not split. CARL ZEISS (Jena) was encouraged of it to produce microscopes commercially.
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