List Of Cause and Effece Essay Topics


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List Of Cause and Effece Essay Topics

Politics Cause And Effect Essay Topics

  1. A slave system changed the consciousness of the dark-skinned population
  2. Attempts to discuss the conditions with terrorists strengthens the belief in governmental weakness
  3. Compulsory military training makes the state more protected
  4. Democratic counties show accelerated rates of development
  5. The empires inspire modern totalitarian rulers to conquer the world
  6. National minorities receive freedoms in independent states
  7. The crown changed the political foundations in monarchical states
  8. The political course leaves an imprint on future generations
  9. The Union foundation revealed the strengths and weaknesses of Europe
  10. The nuclear weapons renunciation does not reduce the risks
  11. The 20th and 21st centuries wars led to mass migrations
  12. The open borders changes the ethnic picture
  13. Attention to the water supply problems in Africa makes to see the prospects for the region
  14. The dark-skinned president in the USA indicated a new course in the society development
  15. The political decisions lead to the high hostilities

Economy Cause And Effect Essay Topics

  1. The global 2008 economic crisis leads to intensive development
  2. Mass unemployment in the early 20th century forced big countries to make an active economic growth
  3. The inability to settle for external debts leads to international financial support institution disappearance
  4. What brought the transition of mankind to commodity money relations
  5. The Euro currency creation simplifies the state interaction
  6. The depletion of the Earth`s natural resources force to look for the alternative ways of life maintaining
  7. The technological boom threatens the energy security of many countries
  8. Equalization of the reference currency is the force for emerging economies
  9. The introduction of paper money supported the manufacture sector development
  10. Genetic approach proof generates innovative views in the management
  11. The American-Japanese alliance changed the APR future
  12. Money is the dept pyramid element
  13. The property reveals the mankind vices
  14. Competition is a natural process of survival
  15. Corruption leads to state poverty

Culture Cause And Effect Essay Topics

  1. Media changes the conditions for culture development
  2. UN affects the cultural aspects and population`s rights
  3. Collective creativity generates mediocrity of forces
  4. Ancient culture impact a lot the modern creative potential of youth
  5. Cultural traditions influenced the existing system
  6. Innovative standards destroy the cultural heritage
  7. Spiritual moral culture of the past keeps humanity from disappearing
  8. Religion and culture form the nation self-consciousness
  9. The spiritual and moral development is related to the standards of leaving
  10. Migration and culture change every European country
  11. The cultural heritage falsification in previous century led to society degradation
  12. Religious trends change the national Europe map
  13. The society life changes due to cultural values
  14. Aspects in the context of market relations and the cultural values development
  15. The art of show allows to manipulate the masses

Education Cause And Effect Essay Topics

  1. The profile education changes the society
  2. The role of school upbringing distracts the educational process results
  3. The modern world`s needs of the educated people
  4. Past gender separated education has laid a solid basis for modern states
  5. The great effect of traditions and innovations in the education of the 19th century
  6. The uneven level of education creates a gap in society
  7. The society development requires improvement in educational improvements
  8. Different educational goals in the framework of political agreements between the countries
  9. The role of business schools in the world economic sector
  10. The affection of early learning approach in the previous eras
  11. Aristotle’s writings define the modern educational system vector
  12. Muslims `attitude towards education in connection with the feminization
  13. Race or state forming are fundamental in educational sphere
  14. School is an important step towards the personality growth
  15. The theory or visual perception effects in teaching

Modern Society Cause And Effect Essay Topics

  1. The growth of citizens` well-being impedes the society control
  2. Open borders have positive and negative consequences
  3. Human rights benefited for the rich
  4. The power of public opinion is ready to create or destroy the states
  5. The progress leads to the change of problems in society
  6. Every year a person replaces his biological global principle
  7. The desire to live allows humanity not to stop in evolution
  8. The more severe conditions the more actively the nation develops
  9. Harsh times forced society to work to raising times
  10. Consequences of the emergence of autocracy for modern man
  11. The monarchy influence on the state development of the nation
  12. Causes and results of the control system for governors
  13. Genesis and its influence on the legal form of the society
  14. The granting of freedoms in the conditions of the effective society foundation
  15. The effectiveness of the existence of absolutism
  16. The results of giving the people freedom of choice


  1. The results of consumer attitude towards the art
  2. Da Vinci phenomenon opened various fields of knowledge
  3. The creative abilities in childhood is of great importance in adulthood
  4. What made mankind to create a violin
  5. What is a prototype of fashion industry
  6. Works of artists and musicians come from child psychology
  7. If the world could not to meet Salvador Dali` talent
  8. The creation of the famous Black Square and its influence on contemporary art
  9. Literary genius of the last century as an idea for modern marketing
  10. The results of Vincent van Gogh personal tragedy
  11. Perceptions of art through the prism of the past and present
  12. What causes certain areas to be considered art
  13. Folk art as archival documents of humanity
  14. The manifestation of patriotism through the prism of eternal art
  15. The role of art in the in the world scientific industry

Health Cause And Effect Essay Topics

  1. Healthy way of life of generation formation
  2. The diet effect for productivity of mankind
  3. The feeling of happiness is directly related to food and drink
  4. Transformation of culinary preferences depending on age
  5. Culture and religion determine the menu
  6. Smoking in the framework of human evolution
  7. The ratio of a healthy life style with the duration of the human age
  8. The thyroid gland experiences stress from active sports
  9. Experience of traditional medicine knows the solutions to all health problems
  10. Mistakes that harm the body while quenching thirst
  11. How does mankind cope with the effects of magnetic storms
  12. Heath based on the principles of Japanese centenarians
  13. The knowledge of a number of bio pain points can help to win in a fight
  14. A breakthrough in the field of studying oncology gives a chance to mankind to overcome the disease
  15. Teeth can be taken care of in utero

Philosophy Cause And Effect Essay Topics

  1. The influence of Plato and Aristotle ideas for the understanding of society in the  st century
  2. Movement and space in the evolution process
  3. The origin and essence in the conditions of modern life
  4. The role of the nature understanding in the universe
  5. The existence of the higher mind from the view of generations
  6. The influence of revolutionary sentiment on the development of Europe
  7. Evaluation of government terror from a philosophical point of view
  8. Background of the administrative command system in developed countries
  9. Difficulties in the emergence of the rule of law in terms of Totalitarianism
  10. Triumph and the tragedy of the political portrait of Winston Churchill
  11. Legacy of reforms in the USA in the late 19th
  12. Lessons of the Second World War
  13. The person and era of King George VI
  14. Modern analysis of US national policy
  15. Philosophy of the American Constitution creation

Literature Cause And Effect Essay Topics

  1. The role of the appearance of essays in English literature
  2. Display the traditions in literary works of British classics
  3. Features of the flow of the bourgeois literature of the 17th century
  4. Presentation and attitude to the poetry of English literature
  5. The influence of the works of the Middle Ages on the contemporary literary trends