"Life is like the fashion", which could associated with the six big ideas of biology that use to describe all living things. All living things are composed by cells as their base units, like the cloth is the base units of fashion. This base unit of fashion could be flax, silk, cotton or other materials those are similar to the nutrient transporting cells, immune cells, organ constructing cells those build up all living things. Also, a dress can be made up by one type of material like single cell organisms, or can be made up by several types of clothes like multiple cell organisms.
When we think about fashion, the first thing rise from our mind could be the diversity of it. There are many species. Conventionally, western people wear dress and three-piece suit with tie; Chinese like cheong-sam for extruding the slender shape of ladies; Japanese wears kimono with wooden shoes which cater for their quick and short steps; overcoat, boots, scarf, earmuff, mitten could be adaptive for Russia because the chill weather. This diversity comes from the different requirements of the people live in different locations, the different styles set up for the different cultures, and the adaptation to the weather or environment. It is similar to the cause of birds with different shape of beak because they have to adapted to different kinds of food.

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Change with time is a very complicated topic that studies how did life changed from prokaryotic cells to eukaryotic cells, from fish to mammal, from ape to human. Fashion also carries out this concept change with time. The primitive people use bark or lager leaves as clothes to cover the significant parts of their bodies. Later they realized it is not enough to resist to the cold weather and discovered the material flax to make warmer clothes. But the coarse character of flax made the consumer uncomfortable with it, so Chinese noticed silk might be much pleasant than flax for wearing. Heretofore, we have hundreds of materials which all are comfortable we can choose from for sewing. Even the new styles or cuttings of clothes have been developed yearly from the excellent designers or companies are the evolution of fashion. Same as lives, the organisms with better adaptive genetic material could survive from the competition and produce lots of offspring; therefore, the favored traits of lives could be continued and kept adapted to the environment which caused evolution.
All living thing affect or are affected by its surroundings or environment. For example, human always think they eat more foods during winter than summer. That’s because they get more heat energy from the sun in summer that supply enough energy for them to carry out chemical reactions in the body. Fashion also interact with its surrounding. People choose gloomy color thick overcoat for a snowy day; a colorful vest with skirt for a sunny day. Fashion also affects each other among themselves: the western suits were brought to china that affected the old-fashioned Chinese long gown during the beginning of 20th century. Time by time, Chinese men like wear western suits or improvers instead of long gown.
Every year there are thousands and thousands new designs of fashion created by the designers. The unfavorable designs might be thrown into the garbage. Only the popular and favorable one could widely sale over the world and past from a series to the next series. Anyways, most concepts of fashion have been maintained; the clothing I wear today may be similar to the styles the youth like 30 years ago: We are both wears Liev’s, Converse shoes and Likie cap. The same thing happens to life in biology and is reflected by the idea of continuity. My life was given by my parents and I was inherited the similar traits from them. For example, I inherited the characteristic short and strong muscular legs from my mother those made me unpleasant but I still have to accept. One day I will also pass these traits to my next generation even thought they must not satisfied of them.
Structure and function are always link together because the different structures of living things caused by the adaptation to the different functions. For example, parasite forms organisms always lack of appendages for locomotion and digestive system because they are unusable for them while they are suck on the body of host and absorb the digested food from victims. On the other hand, the arthropods have joined appendages which fit for their animated locomotion. Different structures of clothing also provide different functions for consumers. The knee socks suited for short skirt; socks best assorted with shorts. Another example would be a tightly fit noblest dress contrast to a flabby long pajamas.
Homeostasis is the ability or tendency of a living thing or a cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes. As its importance, If a plant doesn’t have this ability, it may die when you fail to water it on occasion. When I associated this with fashion, I would think about the market of products. If the market requirement, which is the environment, has been changed, the style of the clothing has to be changed to maintain the sale of products.
Every living thing undergoes these six big ideas of life, but only the high level organisms like human can develop the high technology to study and try to control these ideas. Fashion is like life, it contains many different levels, and only the rich people can afford the exorbitant and costly clothing. Anyways, life is still a more complicated subject than fashion. It’s unlike life which require creation. Life is already there yet and needs remorseless observation and investigation.
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