The Lacrosse benefits to the individual and community faculties are not located in a very helpful spot to people such as ourselves, as these groups are located in North Adelaide, Henley Beach, Sturt and Woodville. A person who would like to take up the sport of Lacrosse would have to travel a far distance in order to take this sport up. We found these listings in the Yellow Pages, we tried the Internet, but we failed as we didn’t know what we were doing and failed to see any listings at all.
A person wanting to pick Lacrosse up is very good as they are letting their body do some physical activity and therefore they are keeping fit. This is not only a great thing for the body but it is a great way to stay relaxed and focused and a way in which you can control you mind. This can also be very good for someone who doesn’t do that much sport and is needing of getting out and doing something. Joining a club like this, whether it is Netball, Football, Basketball, and Baseball if the fact that you meet lots of people that you can become really good friends with. When joining a sport with someone that you already know can find that you can get competitive and sometimes it can lead to fights, but by joining by yourself you can meet people and become really good friends with them also.

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When taking lesson’s for a sport you can find that when doing it you can also be learning to play another sport at the same time by adjusting the rules a bit. For example Netball can be played by basketball athletes the only difference is that when playing basketball you can run with the ball and anyone can shoot. Lacrosse is a sport were rules from that came can be used in all sports for example like all ball games you can not have the ball in you possession for more them 4 seconds.
Jade and I both rang a recreation center in North Adelaide and asked what their training program is, this was there program they started with a warm up, then they did some light ball work for beginners and some physical running and throwing for advanced students, they would then do several activities and then they finished off with a game. This is exactly what our PE class did recently for this assignment. Overall Lacrosse is a very beneficial way of keeping fit, but it is not just this it is also other sports that have been mentioned throughout this essay. Lacrosse is a great way to also meet new people and if you think that you are in need of a challenge then this is a task for you.

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