Sometimes your professor can assign a book or any other reading and ask you to write a critical essay review of the whole writing or it’s small part. Usually they do this to know better how good students understand author’s point or his feelings in this writing. Writing a critical essay consists of several steps that every student should follow in order to prepare a good critical essay review.
So if you were looking for how to do a critical essay review guide – this article is going to be really helpful. Since this assignment is kind of analytic writing – first of all you will have to perform analysis of your book or any other writing that you are going to write a critical essay review for.
It should not be a problem at all for those who have already some experience in writing a critical analysis essay. But you should not be scared of the word “analysis” anyway. All you have to do on this step – is to read very carefully your piece of work and understand what exactly author wanted to tell us. On how good you understand his words and thoughts will depend your success!
So please concentrate on this step really good. A lot of students ask how to write a critical essay thinking that their first step includes putting the words on the paper – and that is the biggest mistake ever. Do not skip the first step that was discussed in this article. When you are done with analysis, start to summarize author’s point on the paper. This is actually a writing form of the first step. Remember that you do not have to present your personal points or comment author’s in this section. Just provide your reader with points you got from author and explain how you understand them. When you are writing a critical essay review you would better read the whole writing but not just a part of which you were assigned to write an essay. It will help you to understand the whole meaning of the writing and present more clear thoughts about it.
Your next step is about presenting your personal points. In this section you are free to discuss author’s points of view, agree or disagree and present your personal thoughts. When this part is written you can start coming to the logical ending that usually should tell about your personal feeling on this issue. We know that all this steps look pretty simple only on the paper but when it goes to the practice part everything changes. If you feel like you have not enough time for performing all this steps – our professional writers can do this for you. We know how to write a good critical essay and we are ready to show our talent to you. Whatever way of preparing your assignment you chose, we are glad to be able to help with writing critical essays! Find more essays and term papers at

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