First you buy a case. Stick in your mother board and power supply. Plug in the processor, put a fan on top of it. Plug in your RAM and IDE cables. Install a hard drive and cd-rom drive. Plug in their cables. Set your motherboard jumpers. Turn on the computer. Install an operating system. Whallaa!

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Now you can play games on your computer, such as Warcraft III and Unreal 2003. To do this, first you need to go to a store and buy a copy of one of these games. Then, you need to drive back home. Once you get there, put the CD in your CD-ROM drive. To do this, press the eject/open button usually located right below the cd tray. The tray will extend, allowing you to place the cd inside. Once in position, push the button again to close. Hopefuly you have autorrun, which will bring up a setup screen for your game. Follow the instructions, typing in your cd-key and choosing the install path. Wait a while for the game to install. Afterward, you might need to install DirectX and restart your computer.
After it’s restarted, find your game in the start menu and click on it. This should start the game. Move the mouse around the menu to navigate through your options. change the controls to suite your preference, then start the game either multiplayer or single player. Kill your opponents and try not to die. If you keep your kill/die raitio high, you should do fine.

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