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What Makes a Hero Essay Example

At all times there were people who are called heroes – they were characters of fairy tales, epics, real stories from life about real people and their deeds, episodes of military chronicles. But it is alarming that in the modern world the notion of heroism is replicated much that it can lose the force of influence. Viewing countless fighters with dozens of pseudo-heroes is nothing but entertainment.

The Relevance of Research

The relevance of the study of heroism reflects the problem of spirituality. The hero has a direct relationship to the knowledge of the truth, expressing the unity of courage and sacrifice, love and compassion, audacity and boldness, the embodiment of the idea and the ideal in life.

The urgency of the study of heroism is dictated by the atmosphere of spiritual crisis that has developed in the society. A modern human has become the hostage of this crisis. Society excludes heroism from the daily life of people because the spirit of practical calculation and philistine prudence prevails in it.

Who Are Scientists Who Have Already Developed This Problem?

The socio-psychological aspects of the person are widely represented in the theory of the archetypes of Carl Jung. In conformity with it, individuals are motivated by intrapsychic forces, images whose origins are deep in the history of evolution. This innate unconscious contains a deeply rooted spiritual material. It explains the inherent desire of all mankind for creative self-expression and physical perfection. Max Scheler and Nikolai Chernyshevsky also expressed ideas about the nature and role of the heroic in public life.

Heroism in Modern Social Life

The task of this work is to understand the nature of self-sacrifice. Where does heroism come from; who are the heroes of our time and what makes a hero?

A man has a mind that always wants more than the satisfaction of physiological needs, he constantly needs to assert himself, to feel his importance, significance. Someone builds a career, another keeps the money to buy status things. The third rejects it all and goes his own way.

The limit of human possibilities is unknown, someone will say that this is completely limitless, but the average majority is oriented towards those who are around, comparing themselves with them, wanting to be no worse than others, and ideally, better, richer, more beautiful, stronger, smarter.

A person who can be a hero stands aside from this gray majority, and the main quality that distinguishes him from others is the ability to sacrifice himself for the sake of others and society.

Amid us, there are many heroes who perform feats on a daily basis. Their deeds can simply be small in scale. This can be families with foster children, people who donate for the treatment of patients, volunteers in African countries. Many believe that the heroes of our time are our parents, or the military, who defend our country, or ordinary workers. And they have a love for their neighbor, self-sacrifice, united by a high idea, humanism.

Is Heroism Actual in Our Time

Not everyone can neglect life for the sake of others -a hero is a nobleman, his nobility is a manifestation of his significance. In order for such a high activity to take place, the hero must feel the importance of something to the extent that overpowers the instinct of self-preservation. That is, some kind of soil is necessary. There should be a basis for accomplishment, an unprecedented situation that can not be solved in any other way.

And even in such a situation, someone will consider a certain act as heroism, and someone as insanity. The fall of action into the category of the deed is always conditioned by a subjective system of values. A suicide bomber, who has undermined himself and a hundred civilians, is a hero amid his companions but he is a non-human amid those against whom aggression is directed.

The Qualities of the Hero in the Modern World

But in whatever system of values, the concrete action is considered, subjectively for the individual who commits it, it is the strongest, the maximum of all possible. And as already mentioned above, the nature of man requires great deeds.

The modern hero can what is beyond the strength of the bulk, is endowed with a set of innate qualities, on which the experience, education, as well as the period of the life path on which the need to make one’s desperate decision has been imposed. His main qualities are the ability to self-sacrifice and the ability in a good sense to surpass the crowd.


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