Reading “Gimpel the Fool” was unexpectedly hard. From the very beginning I could not figure out the general idea, but when I came to the last paragraph I finally understood. It is really so, that the world is imaginary one, when people decide to remove themselves from the real one.
It is all about your attitude to environment, as in it we see direct reflection of our thoughts and deeds. And this is only our choice about our behavior, our perception of surrounding and our perception of us. People around can play games that they imagined for themselves and doing harm for themselves only, and only very morally and spiritually strong person will be able not to play the proposed role, not to change his own beliefs and just follow his own way.

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Gimple lived in a village, in which each person considered his duty to make a fool of him. His own heart was clear and open and he percepted the surrounding reality as it was. He believed every word people told him and he was honest primarily with himself. This is the key matter in our life- be in harmony with yourself, and no matter what is outside. People in the village thought that they were making fool of him and that made them laughing and giggling, but they didn’t understand that they themselves were fools.
Gimple always behaved like he considered he should. He honestly accepted Elka and her children. He loved children with all his heart and soul, as he truly believed they were his own. He never betrayed himself and didn’t allow betray him. His conscious was clear all his life and for him he lived with a loving honest wife and his own children, and if it was not really so, that didn’t matter to him.
It is better to live your own life honestly and at the end say, that you didn’t lie to yourself, then to do everything for people that they like you. All people are different and they play different roles. And if a person cannot find his real predestination in his life and tries to steal another person life, there is no sense of existence.
We all appeared in this world for definite purpose, for bringing happiness and joy, for creating some new things and implementing divine tasks. We are all primarily souls and only then men and women playing at the stage of life. It is our duty not to forget about our eternal provenance. We are, we were and we will be forever. And there is no sense in yielding to provocations and forgetting that we are already perfect and we can do whatever we want and change reality the way we want it to be. Everything is relative and dual in this world and we simply can choose the side we want to be on. If we want to believe and be open, we will be. If we want to live at someone else’s expense and ‘eating’ other people negative emotions, one day we can just disappear from the Earth and nobody will notice our absence, as we did nothing unique, we did what people did million of years before us, we were not creative and forgot about who we are and what are we created for.—————————————————————————–
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