Using WalMart’s world fame to expand European and Asian markets. The integration of EU countries represents a very good opportunity, because it will provide a huge market. The rapid growth of Asian economy will create substantial demands. WalMart’s reputation of high quality with lowest prices will gain it the identification from these markets.
Exert buying power to achieve cost leadership. The large purchasing amount makes WalMart become the cost lead in America through the successful "Buy American" program. The next program might be "Buy Asian", because Asian produced goods are no longer considered low process but poor quality. It is high quality but low prices now.
Do main the on-line retailing through advanced IT and full range categories. On line shopping will be the next hot trend of the world, and WalMart should use its advanced IT system and everything offering selling notion to consolidate its #1 position of on-line retailer.

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Using strong image and cost advantages to prevent possible competitors moving into the Asian market.
The #1 world discount retailer and its sophisticate value-chain system as well as the huge buying power will make other competitors to think carefully before they enter the Asian market.
Establish joint ventures in foreign markets. That will give WalMart several advantages:

  • To know other’s culture better;
  • To deal with foreign governments effectively;
  • To get more benefits from the foreign government through the foreign parties;
  • To manage foreign staff efficiently

Give staff more benefits depending on the growth of WalMart (e.g. share option) to soothe labor troubles.

To offer employees the share option may be a good way to redeem their low income. That will also encourage staff morale to work hard towards the aim of sustainable growth of WalMart. Because the more profitable the company is, the higher the stock price will be.

Using cost leader position to gain market share from other competitors. WalMart is usually able to under price its competitors about 15%, and thus it is a powerful weapon to from the market share from competitors who have already occupied the market, even though WalMart entered into the market late (e.g. Asian).

Adapt the superior value chain system in European and Asian market. Although the American style value chain does not fit these two markets, it is still hopefully to form an improved value chain based on the adjusting the old system to adapt the new situations.
Marketing Strategies:

  1. Win foreign markets by through study of local culture, demands etc. It is true that in one country different areas have various cultures. Thus, knowing the customers well is the key.
  2. Improve the employer-employees relationship. It is not only a "work and pay" relationship, but also a mutually developing relationship.
  3. Good cooperation and c communication with foreign government. It is the government who sets the rules, so a mutually trusting and beneficial relationship is always helpful.
  4. Reconstruct the too aggressive image and to be a contributor if local communities. Having the experience of WalMart killing local retailers, some people fear WalMart becoming the "sole rule setter" in the local communities. It is the time for WalMart to change the negative influence. It needs to be more like a contributor rather than an invader to the local communities – WalMart brings people more benefits than harm.


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