The perception of utopia, a visionary system of political or social perfection, and dystopia, a place where the condition of life is extremely ghastly as from deprivation or oppression or terror, are the converse of each other. In a utopia, absolute happiness is achieved. Utopian society is a perfect society that has perfect regulation for people to live in. Happiness is common amongst the people and there is nothing to be feared. A Dystopia is a utopia tainted with corruption and filled with confusion and madness. Hitler had attempted to create a utopia. Germany at the time had become a perfect Dystopia, because Hitler had attempted to achieve the genocide of the “lesser” race.

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I believe the state of a utopian society will never be achieved by humans. It is impossible because even if humans do arrive at this state, more “perfect” ideals will come into existence thus making the “Utopia” obsolete. Before the new ideals emerge, most people thought that there could be nothing better. Inevitably the new ideals will replace the old ones, ones that were thought to be the ultimate. This process will repeat itself indefinitely, proving that a utopian society will never exist.
Utopia can never be reached also because the meaning of Utopia is different for everyone. One’s description of a Utopia might come in conflict with another. If there are conflicts between the descriptions of Utopia, then Utopia does not exist. This is also where Dystopia comes into existence. If we were to state one universal definition of Utopia, Dystopia will always be formed within, ironically making the word Utopia contradict its own meaning.
However, I do believe that thinking about Utopia is happiness itself. When a person has his/her own clear description of their Utopia, he/she will have a hope in life and a place where he/she can reside to in their mind when feeling depressed or disheartened.
As we explore deeper into the meaning of Utopia, we become more confused on what it is because Utopia is what each individual defines it to be. A word that has several meanings contrary to one another has no meaning at all. We must remember that Utopia is non-existant, and not get lost within our mind.
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