The Image of California in the Movie
"The Fast and the Furious"
The movie “The Fast and the Furious” discloses the particular image of California of 2001 year pattern, which is difficult to believe, but very exciting to follow.
The plot of the movie goes around cars and racings. The main characters seem to be Brian O’Connor and Dominic Toretto. The first mentioned is the policeman, who works under coverage to lay open the group of people on four Honda Civics, who are hijacking big trucks with electronics, and have already earned in such a way about 6 million dollars. Dominic Toretto with his team of five people is the main suspect, but the police have no evidences and therefore it sends Brian to find out how are things done in the world of Dom and street racers.

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Dominic Toretto has the house and the workshop where he is taking care of the cars. He has the girl-friend Letty, sister- Mia, and three friends, who are equally his family- Jesse, Leon and Vince. They are the team, who are literary eager to kill for one another. Obviously it is very difficult to get into such a team and get trusted, but still Brian succeeded, by helping Dom escape from the police.
The only things they care about are cars and their ties to each other. They trust and care about each other in the greatest extent. They participate in the street racings and earn easy money for that. Among other participants can be saw Japanese people, Afro-Americans and Latinos. Race relationships in the California of 2001 pattern are depicted very harsh and constrained. As they all communicate to each other, but stay away. It is a kind of clan system, in which each clan is protecting its own dignity and territory.
Japanese people have their own district in the city, in which Dom and his people are not kindly welcomed. They have a kind of silent agreement that each team should stay away from the hostile districts. The matter is that the payment for violating the agreement can be even life. Japanese people care very much about their families (episode when police bursts into Johnny Tran’s house where he has lunch with his family members) and about their attitudes.
All people are well-equipped with the weapon and not afraid to use it nor in the night neither in the daylight. California is then depicted as the place where the police are sleeping all the time and police foghorn is heard when the “party” is already over. There are no road traffic police watching the speed of the cars and it is possible to show everything your car is capable of without expecting any punishment. The relationship of the city and the justice system are rather interesting, as the police is doing nothing but waiting what Brian will tell them new on regard of the racers. The headquarters of the police stationed in the confiscated house with an amazing view and the pool and they are just hanging out all the days waiting for the results.
Girls are depicted in movie like being good accessories for racers with the exception of Dom’s sister Mia and his girl-friend Letty. Letty is equal to all men, as she races with the others, does her job with the cars in the workshop. She protects her relationships with Dom from other girls, and it is obvious that they are afraid of her. She is not showing off, very self-assured and seems to know what she wants form life. Mia has the café and serves food, she is more in the shadow of her brother and she takes care about all supplementary stuff her brother and team may need. She orders the supplies, takes care about food, dishes and house. She equally races, but her image in the movie being in the shadow waiting for the prince to notice her. All the other girls’ image is having short skits, big breast and caring for the money and the victory. In their majority they are portrayed as being inferior to men, and seem to be created only for their entertainment.
The attitudes to religion are portrayed very brightly. The most interesting episode to this extent is when Dom and his team are about to start their lunch and Jesse takes the chicken first, Dom assigns him to tell the prayer. Brian looks very astonished at first moment, as he didn’t expect Dom to be religious, but then he hears Jesse speaking: “Dear Heavenly…Uh…Spirit. Thank you. Thank you for direct-port nitrous injection, four-core intercoolers, ball-bearing turbos, and titanium valve springs. Amen”. Letty says that they were praying the car gods. They all seem to be ironic right there, but there is still the impression that the thing was that didn’t want to show off with the religious things, but everyone said the real grace silently. So, even though that it seems that for racers, who are having guns and attacking trucks, there is no saint, well appears there is. In the episode when Brian and Dom found themselves in the Japanese district, there were also many statues of Buddha, aiming to show that religious aspects are very important to that kind of people.
There are a lot of stereotyping in the movie- the pattern of the relationships between rivalry gangs, following leadership patterns (when the Brian earns trust of the Dominic, all his team, except Vince, start to equally trust him), Brian’s falling in love Mia, whose brother in the long run he is supposed to arrest, etc.
And finally we get the image of Los Angeles, where there are a lot of hot girls, palm trees, lovely sunsets, fast and expensively equipped cars, cops with faithful and kind hearts, courageous criminals, deep family ties, praying to the car gods, closing the streets at night and following the police transfer to have the street racings, and finally cops who let the main suspect to take the car and escape.—————————————————————————–
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