Compared to the United States, Thailand is not that big in population or even land. The people in this region of the world have a different type of culture compared to other type o the world. The government is different do to the fact that they have a Constitutional Monarchy rather than a democracy. The transportation and machinery are similar to many other regions. Our economy isn’t what it should be, but Thailand is having the same problem. They face life-threatening diseases, as do the rest of the world.
The general location of Thailand is in the northeastern hemisphere in southern Asia. Thailand borders the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. The technical location of Thailand is 15 degrees north and 100 degrees east. The estimated area of land is 511,770-sq mi. and the estimated area of water within the country is 2,230-sq mi. For a reference of size to compare it to, one can say that Thailand is twice the size of the state of Wyoming. The climate in this region for the most part is tropical from mid May to September. The weather is usually warm, rainy, and cloudy with southwest monsoons. The weather dramatically changes from November to March. It’s usually dry, and cool with northeast monsoons.

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The people of Thailand have a fairly large population of about 61,230,000. There is a major health problem that is affecting Thailand as well as the rest of the world. It’s the high percentage of people with AIDS, thus causing the life expectancy of the population to lower, This is also causing the population and growth rate to lower, the infant mortality rates to higher, and the changing percentage of men to women. The growth rate of Thailand is .93% with a life expectancy of 68. The religion in this country is Thai at 75% of the population; the second most common is Chinese with 14%, and 11% of the population worships a different type of religion. The languages most frequently spoken are Thai, and English.
The government that Thailand uses is called a Constitutional Monarchy. What this is, it’s a set of laws laided down by the people of the nation. The King and Queen do not have the power as they did in the 16th and 17th century. The name less frequently used in Thailand called The Kingdom Of Thailand, and the more frequently used name is Thailand. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok, and the initials are TH. One of the things citizens of Thailand takes pride in is that they were never colonized. They withheld their country and became a nation in 1238 having a strong country and not being defeated by the British.
The way that the country gets around is the same way we get around. Their cars are as modern as ours, and many people use them to for daily transportation. They have 3,940 km. of railways in the entire country. They also have highways like us but not some of them. Some of our highways are in not so good of shape. They have about 63,000 paved highways and 1,600 unpaved highways. The waterways within this country are average with about 4,000-km.
Poverty in Thailand is not as bad as people compared to many other countries around the world. The percentage of poverty below average is 12.5%. The inflation rates of consumer prices are going up about 2.5%. The industries that are in business as of now are tourism, textile and garments, agricultural processing, beverages, tobacco, and cement. Thailand is the third largest tin producer and also produces 85 billion kWh by using their five main fossil fuels and hydroelectric power. The consumption of electricity is 80billion kWh. The ten countries that have imports and exports with are share with Thailand are Japan, U.S., Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Germany, China, South Korea, Omen and Indonesia. The natural resources that the country produces and export are tin, rubber, natural gas, tungsten, tantalum, timber, lead, fish, gypsum, lignite, fluorite, and arable land.

To enter Thailand a passport is required and if the tourist plans on staying longer than 30 days they need to get a visa. Thailand is a very well known travel destination for tourist. Do to the fact of being popular, service sites are located all around the country. People go to Thailand on holidays like New Years Eve, and New Years Day. The others that have nothing in common to what we celebrate are Chakri Day, National Labour Day in May, Coronation, Mid Year Day, H. M. the Queens Birthday, Chulalongkorn Day, H.M. the King’s Birthday, and Constitution Day.
Thailand’s geography is relatively good when compared to different parts of the world. They have normal tropical weather and its land is mostly flat with some mountain ranges. Their government is different than ours. Ours is a democracy and theirs is a Constitutional Monarchy.
They have a King and Queen and we have a president. So, the U.S. has different way of dealing with their government than Thailand. They have a lot of exports from countries and get lots of imports too. Their economy is as good or bad as the rest of the world. It’s average at this point in time. Thailand seems like an average country just making a living as the rest of the world.
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