Water plays an incredibly important role in our life and in our health. A person consists of water almost by 80 % and consumes every day more than three liters of liquid. Thus, the quality of water is significant for us. Americans get drinking water from different kinds of water bodies that are situated in the neighborhood. It is important what is situated near these reservoirs and if there are any threats of contamination of this water by chemicals and poisons. The procedure of purifying water is quite long and should be carefully followed. However, the problem of contaminated water is urgent nowadays; more and more people notice that tap water smells bad and has unpleasant taste.

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Having read the given report, I have made a conclusion that this problem assumes ever greater importance. Water smell and taste is no longer the greatest problem, health hazard is highlighted today. The most vulnerable groups of society, children and people with health problems drink this water, not knowing anything about the menace. It turns out that simple drinking water can cause not just stomach upset or disbacteriosis but such incurable and fatal illnesses as cancer. Effects caused by polluted water can be both acute and chronic. Instantaneous effect is possible after consumption of an extremely high quantity of contaminants. Chronic effects are visible after regular consuming of contaminants that are contained in water on so-called standard levels. People with weak immune system are especially subject to different viruses and bacteria that can be in the polluted water.
Unfortunately, authorities responsible for such issues are not concerned in solving these problems. People who try to sort it out face unwillingness to do anything, presented as lack of time or simple avoidance of any contact. Thus, we see that government is more interested in the present situation than in making changes for the public good. Moreover, it is evident that all responsible authorities persuade people that everything is fine and we can safely drink tap water. However, people continue to suffer in spite of assurance of scientists.
So, at the local level people can do little to improve the situation and very often they are unable to overcome the reluctance of authorities.
Therefore, I’m sure that all citizens should take the initiative and do their best to inform about the situation as many citizens as possible and, what is more important, to run to superior bodies for assistance. The most important thing is not to give up in this battle for own health. It is possible to write articles to newspapers and to draw in the mass media to have more influence on the government.
People should be well-informed about the activity of working nearby objects that might contaminate the water in rivers or lakes, supplying drinking water. In this case it is a factory that makes film. If the located factory really represents danger for health, it is necessary to press for its closure.
It goes without saying that in order to achieve results and to prove that water is contaminated and causes diseases, it is indispensable to be well-informed about the situation in details. People should gather all the information about permissible level of different substances and bacteria. To get such information they should learn materials of organizations, working on these issues, e.g. Environmental Protection Agency, and have an idea about all the rates and possible violations.
In the USA people should get special annual reports on the condition of water in their area from their water suppliers, people who are best of all informed about the situation with drink water. From such reports, even if they are brief, people can get the basic information that will substantially help them in future. Thus it is necessary to have as full picture of the circumstances as possible.
In general, water suppliers are highly responsible for informing people about the condition of tap water. However, sometimes they are not very careful and attentive to people. Though the USA is considered to have one of the most harmless water supplies in the world, the situation in the country with drinking water is quite unstable. It depends on the region, the condition of the reservoir, supplying water, and on the treatment that the water gets. Water should pass disinfection, filtering and different kinds of chemical treatment, depending on its original condition.
To make a conclusion, I’m inclined to believe nowadays the problem of tap water that brings us illnesses is extremely important and needs very careful examination.
People should be aware of the condition of their water if they want to be healthy and to protect their children from hazards, coming from drinking water. Otherwise, if to let the situation take its course, the consequences may be fatal.—————————————————————————–
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