Nowadays, skin industry is rapidly progressing and is considered to be one of the most perspective industries. At the same time, it should be said that the target customers of the skin industry vary from developed countries to developing ones. It is also worthy of mention that in the current situation, skin industry is focused on both males and females though even a few decades ago skin industry was predominantly oriented on female customers. However, the situation is far from perfect for many companies because of the high level of competition. This is why many companies need to search for new ways of development and marketing.

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First for all, it should be pointed out that skin care industry is quite attractive to investors since many companies, such as the Nu Skin achieved positive results without even having its own products but rather using new system of marketing and sales. In this respect, it is noteworthy that the company started with little resources and did not produce anything and even nowadays the company is not a producer of goods but is a company with widely spread network of distributors that represent the company in many countries of the world. To put it more precisely, currently the company is based in the US but its network is spread worldwide, notably Nu Skin International operates in North America, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Asian and some other countries (Roha 1991).
Moreover, it is necessary to underline that the company keeps growing and in the future, in all probability, it will only grow and the network of its distributors will increase. Basically, it is the result of the strategic plan of the company which aims at the building wide network of distributors and attraction possibly larger number of sellers that is typical for the companies operating in skin care industry.
The example of the Nu Skin perfectly demonstrates the current trends in the skin care industry and the perspectives of its further development. To put it more precisely, companies operating in this industry tend to increase their presence in international markets. Practically, it means that the companies will enter new markets offering new products to the larger number of people.
At the same time, the skin care products are basically oriented on the protection of human skin due to the popularity of the idea of healthy lifestyle. Moreover, in recent years, the number of products and services offered by companies to customers in the customized skincare industry has increased dramatically. Nowadays, company offer a variety of products which may contain different ingredients and it is up to the customer to choose among the variety of ingredients what the final product he/she wants to receive. In this respect, it is important to underline that the demand on the services of specialists working in skincare field increases since customers, as a rule, need some consultations with a specialists which could help the customer select ingredients and practically create a unique product that would meet the customer’s needs. This is why skincare industry and products get to be more individualized and customer oriented.
Thus, it is possible to conclude that skin care industry has good perspectives and in the current situation the position of multinational corporations operating in this industry seem to be particularly strong. On the other hand, the international market expansion also implies the development of some universal products that would meet the needs of different customers in different countries of the world, to a significant extent, this may be achieved by providing customers with an opportunity to define what kind of product they want to get and what ingredients this product should include.—————————————————————————–
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