Genetic testing should violate privacy because that will automatically make everyone a suspect in a crime incident. Your record will be on file and anything you do wrong in your lifetime can easily be revealed from your DNA fingerprinting. It will become a lot easier for investigators to find murderers, shoplifters, burglars, or any other person who committed a crime. Also, investigations can be done a lot faster. In TIME magazine, a survey was asked to people saying, “Should the police be allowed to collect DNA information from suspected criminals, as they do with fingerprints?” 66% of the people said yes and 29% said no. Another survey was asked, “Is it a good or bad idea for the FBI to create a DNA database with the information gathered from suspected criminals and crime scenes throughout the country?” 71% of the people said it’s a good idea and 24% it is a bad idea. Genetic testing is no different than any other of your private information such as social security number, credit card number, driver’s license, passport, etc. You show these items of information to people all the time. You are handing people private information about yourself.

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When you apply for a job, you always have to share and reveal your social security number. That is a very private number. People can tract down a lot of stuff about you from that number. Why not give people information of your genetics? DNA sampling benefits both the people investigating the crime and also the people convicted of them. Since 1976, 75 people have been spared from the death penalty in the U.S. when their convictions have been overturned. Also, there was an incident where a 24- year old women who gave birth to a baby. It was only a few days before the delivery that the staff at the women’s nursing home even discovered that she was pregnant. The pregnancy must have to have been from rape. The woman was not able to name the rapist, but the blood of her newborn child could. Comparing the men’s DNA with the baby’s could lead the police to the rapist. Also, genetic testing can help people know of what diseases they are vulnerable to and what could cure the disease. DNA technology really works. Even the police commissioner of NYC recommended that anyone arrested for a crime be required to submit a DNA sample. In England, officials investigating a crime sometimes perform mass screenings in which many people are asked to give a mouth swab full of DNA. The police in England claimed a 70% success rate in cracking the crime they are investigating. Genetic testing does not violate privacy and it could be used to benefit you and others from a crime or even a disease.

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