Moving from Senegal to the US has been a big adjustment for me. Sometimes I used to think that the US must be like a paradise. Once I got to the US, I started to think differently, but underneath there are basic similarities. One can see both surface similarities and the underlying differences by examining the demographics, the economy, and the religion of the two countries. The US and Senegal have a lot of similarities in the areas of demography , economics, and religion.

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Demographically, the US is in many ways divided along lines of ethnic origin. Even though Senegal has not had the diverse immigration of the US, it is ethnically divided along tribal lines. In fact, tribal divisions are so deep that different communities even use different languages. In the economy, too, there are basic similarities. In Senegal, as in the US, most of the productive resources, whether agricultural or industrial, belong to a small minority of the population and most of the people work for a wage. The countries have some similarities in religion as well. Whether they call him God or Allah, most people in both countries believe strongly in God and take their relationship with him very seriously.
The US and Senegal are very similar in many way. On the surface, the demography, economy, and religion of the two countries appear very different. Demographically, Senegal is more homogenous than the US. The American population is descended from people from every country in the world. In contrast most people in Senegal are descended from people who arrived there in ancient time. The differences are also apparent in the economy. Most Senegalese are employed in agriculture, but in the US, agriculture is only one minor branch of a very diverse economy. The US is also much less homogenous religiously. Ninety per cent of Senegalese are Sunni Muslims. The US, however, has hundreds of different Religions, and it is a rare coincidence when next-door neighbors attend the same church. The US and Senegal are very different in some respects. In conclusion, the US and Senegal are not so different after all, in the three areas of demography, economy, and religion. The US is a better place to live.
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