Good morning members of the lions club. Adolescents are victims of the media. Why? Because the media has built up adolescents as being so mischievous that the viewers only want to see or read about the negatives. The media depicts the young generation of today as being hotheaded delinquents. The hoons they refer to are just a minority not the majority. Through movies and the newspaper the media targets only the malicious side of adolescents, which portrays every teenager as a dangerous individual. It is that that reinforces the ideals of adolescents today.
Before you read the article “ Keeping the peace in hot rod heaven” due to the fact that there is a rather large picture of teenagers, you immediately think that’s it about irresponsible teenagers. This article actually speaks about how an older man aged 37 lost control of his American sports car in a road race and crashed it into a restaurant injuring a ladies leg and a mans ankle. This article also talks about these hot rods gathering in the area in large numbers this has nothing to do with adolescents. Yet the media has victimised adolescents by putting a picture of 7 teenagers in the article when it was supposed to be about and older 37 year old who lost control of his car in a street race. This misrepresentation of adolescents is the main reason why we are viewed today as being untrustworthy, immature kids.

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Schoolies Week 7 days out of 365 where x students get to unwind reflect and relax. Schoolies week has become something of a rite of passage, a week in which thousands of young people head for Queensland’s beaches to celebrate the end of their exams and the beginning of their new-found freedom. With all the positive things that happen on schoolies week it wasn’t long before the media picked up on the negatives. Which is exactly what the film maker of blurred did. Set over 24 hours, it follows the adventures of a group of students trying to get to the Gold Coast and features sex scenes, drug and alcohol abuse and a wrecked apartment. What they failed to pick up on was the bonding and friendships made over the schoolies week. By failing to recognise the positives the media has portrayed adolescents as being party driven delinquents.
However parties being bad is not new. Movies have always had the party scene weather it is from “can’t hardly wait” to “Van Wilder Party Liaison”. These two movies were made nearly 5 years apart but both share in the same genre. Parties. These stereotypical ideas are what reinforce that adolescents are victims of the media. With these movies showing drugs, sex and alcohol at parties parents are lead to believe that if there son or daughter were to go to a party they would be forced to take part in irresponsible behaviour. Some parents have even gone as far as to not let there children go out to parties and places therefor not allowing the children to experience a good child hood.
Fast and the furious is a movie about fast cars, delinquent behaviour and hate for authority. After watching this movie parents believe that adolescent + fast car = trouble. Because of a minority of young people in cars speeding and drag racing adolescents have been labelled hoons. But nothing is said about the 26-yr old man speeding up the highway late for work or the 56-yr old man in a hurry. Adolescents are labelled hoons because they are victimised and portrayed that way by the media. The scene I am about to show you reinforces that the movie is about fast cars, delinquent behaviour and hate for authority.
Shortly after this movie was made an anti hoon legislation was passed soli to stop street racing. But because of these new anti hoon laws adolescents have been targeted for the minutest offences. For example not to long ago a relative of mine was caught for operating a vehicle with excess noise when he was merle doing a u-turn and ran over road marking paint causing his tiers to screech.
Today I have spoken about the media manipulating the public into believing adolescents are delinquent kids through movies and the newspaper. After informing you on these points I have clearly reinforced that adolescents are victims of the media. If the media could just focus more on the positive side of adolescents then maybe the public would perceive the younger community for what they are, mature young adults not just a bunch of rat-bags. Thankyou.
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