Roughly thirteen years ago on December 22nd 1989 Nicolae Ceausescu communist dictator of Romania was captured in a bloody revolution which coasted the lives of 1104 Romanians.
Three days later on Christmas Day along side his wife Nicolae Ceausescu was tried and executed by firing squad in the cold streets of Bucharest found guilty for suppressing the people of Romania for twenty-one years, using secrete police to silence political enemies, and ordering his army to kill 60,000 people. While Nicolae drank fine wine and resided in a palace Romanians loitered in the streets of Bucharest protesting with signs with “We Want Bread” written on them.
Nicolae ordered the army to shoot and kill all protestors in Bucharest but it was too late. The army knew his time was over and neglected to follow orders. Nicolae went to his officers personally and demanded them o fire on the protestors declaring them enemies of the state and they did so killing around 100 citizens although the reported number of 400 was inflated. Since then Romania’s economy has fallen to three-fourths its former strength. Romania has been through several successful elections.

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Romania one of many countries awaiting the benediction of Western Europe for membership into the European Union takes extreme actions to please Western figure heads; especially France at the expense of limited freedom focused towards their own people. Gypsy populations located primarily in the northern region of Romania mainly in the towns of Dioszeg, Boros and Oradea are denied passage by their own Romanian customs. Prior to January 2001 Gypsies had the privilege of traveling the entire continent of Europe with but a meager form of picture identification. Recent measures to keep Romanian Gypsies off the roam included showing that citizens carry at least five hundred dollars with them in order to cross into neighboring European countries, hoping to keep Gypsy thieves out of Paris. Romanian Boarder Guards strictly enforce and uphold this law. Few Gypsies make wages more than sixty dollars a month, and many Romanian Gypsies work in neighboring Hungary and Bulgaria leaving their families for several weeks to earn higher wages, and will no longer be able to support their families. Many Gypsies have saved their monthly earnings obtained valid passports and visas but were only told to return to their whoring mother by Romanian guards. Many Gypsies call Ion Iliescu President of Romania the French lap dog . On the other end in Paris there is less report of Gypsy prostitution, theft, and robbery. Officials in Paris are pleased with the results and encourage more measures to keep roaming Romanians at home. Although entrance into the European Union will bring about a economic golden age for laggard Romania and allow all Romanian citizens to travel as far as London without ever being asked to show a passport or deal with a customs agent. Ion Iliescu must decided if sacrifice now will improve relations with France allowing them entry into the European Union, however the situation is grim Ion’s dream of a greater Romania a member of the European Union may not occur this decade.
Regardless to Romania’s efforts the race may in fact be in vein with France standing proud and Gaul in the way holding the keys to the gate to the European Union. France one of the major players in the European Union has been hinting for the past three years that it simply does not want to expand the European Union. Should the European Union extend its boarders east France’s personal interest fall out the window. The European Union since day one has been driven by the Frenchmen on a German work horse. France took advantage of this situation resulting in large economic growth for France. De Gaul made sure France would stay on top disallowing the United Kingdom entry into the European Union but the United Kingdom could only be held back for so long. Once the United Kingdom entered the European Union the U.K became a major player in foreign affairs and expansion which the U.K heavily supported. The fall of the Berlin Wall threw France off the German horse bringing about a Greater Germany. Not only did the Berlin Wall fall but the Iron Curtain fell as well ending the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Now Greater Germany took advantage of Eastern Europe opening the father lands doors to all nations causing an economic golden age. Not only will it be a British victory of expansion but Germany will have free trade with neighboring Eastern European nations making Germany the true center hub of industry and economics. Surely expansion of the European Union will bring about a British-German partnership and demote France to the rank of nations like Italy and Spain which would be an insult to the very nation that created the European Union. As long as France holds the power to veto on the European Union Commission France plans to do so unless the opportunity arises that Eastern European countries addition will benefit France.
Romania returning to Prague for the first time since 1968 where Romania rejected the Warsaw Pact holds a certain sentimental value considering Romania a former strong rouge Communist country now crosses polar barrier joining the nations that stood against everything Communism discredited; the anathema of governments. This time Romania treks to Prague to join the most powerful nations in the world as a democracy to uphold all that it credits throughout the globe. Although Romania may be a small country with a military funds just fewer than 1 billion dollars Romania has a strong military history and enthusiastic about development of a rapid response team unlike other reluctant current NATO nations refusing to spend more government funds on war. Romania the larger of the Balkan states stands as the eastern flank of Europe and will act as a staging point should the new Islamic Republic of Turkey turn sour towards the west.
Also Romania lies in vital position to protect future oil pipeline projects which will bridge Europe to the central Asian states of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan which has been impossible until only now.
Romania also holds a key tactical location off the Black Sea which is a major route for smugglers entering from turkey. Romania has already commenced war games with the United States to take place in the Black Sea with old 1980 built destroyers. Alex Gobjila a young officer aboard a Romanian mine sweeper commented “We are looking at the United States as a close Friend, It is important always to have a good friend.” A retired Romanian politician remarked “We play the American card aggressively.” The Romanian Navy is very pleased and looks forward to closer military ties with the United States. Romania committed some one-thousand peace keeping troops to Afghanistan and plans to send more in early 2003. During the air war of Operation Enduring Freedom two hundred American troops and pilots were given access to a Romanian air base used to refuel American aircraft. Although it is doubtful that Romania will commit troops to Iraq Romania has already granted America access to several airbases in the event of a second war in the gulf.
With all of these new cards in Romania’s hand it’s difficult for Romania to select which card would bring Romania’s citizens over the poverty line. With a closer American ally Romania has begun to look towards American politics and policies to please the new big brother nation. Recently Romania has adopted an American Criminal Court policy breaking from common European solidarity. Europe was outraged by the move. The European Union Committee has noted “The nations’ desire to join by 2007 must make a commitment to help them achieve that goal.” Later the European Union’s chief in Romania said, “There has got to be a shifting of gears in Romania. Romania will not survive without accomplishing transition.”

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