Raphael’s "The Small Cowper Madonna" painting is 59.5 x 44cm, oil on panel. The painting displays Madonna as a very young woman with her child. The picture takes place outside. In the background we can see the beautiful nature, trees, lake, mountains and a rich looking house in the right side of the canvas. Madonna and Child are centered in the middle of the canvas, and take up most space in the painting.

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Perugino’s "Madonna and Child" painting is 70.2 x 50cm, oil on panel. Madonna in this painting is mostly taking over the whole right side of the canvas, with her child on the left. We can see some background but not as much as in the Raphael’s painting, where the background circulated the figures. In the back we see mountains. Both paintings background shows large portion of the sky. Perugino’s composition is more contained by the figures because they are larger. Both Virgins are in seated position, but Raphael’s Madonna holds her child on her left side and the Perugino’s Madonna hold her child on her right side.
Raphael’s painting displays subtle and light colors. Madonna has blond hair and is wearing a light red dress and her bottom is covered with a dark green blanket. Her drapery is simple and her clothing seems light and flawless. The colors are bright and catchy to they eyes, especially her red dress. The colors unify parts of the composition. The background colors of nature, the light greens, browns, grays in the sky, and grays as shadows on the blanket unify parts of the composition, but the viewers attention focuses on Madonna because the red is the brightest color in this painting. The colors evoke emotional response to the viewer. The colors portray warm environment and closeness between mother and child.
Perugino’s Madonna colors are darker but vibrant. Madonna has brown hair and seems more closed up and older than Raphael’s Madonna. She’s all covered up by a navy blue coat; her neck is not as open as Raphael’s Madonna but is covered by a red, with black outline dress. Her outfit seems heavy by the drapery on the clothing. Her clothing colors of green, red, blue, and brown unify the colors in the background. The mountains seem far away and the sky seems cloudy. The background doesn’t circle the figures but it’s mostly seen in the top left side of the canvas behind the child. The colors make the environment feel cooler, quite and calmer as to Raphael’s, which seem warmer and energetic.
In Raphael’s work and in Perugino’s work both babies are nude yet they have different appearances about them. Raphael’s child has blond parted in the middle hair as his mother, and looks smaller and younger as Perugino’s child who also has brown hair with bangs as the mother and is bigger and chubbier. In Raphael’s work the child is looking out at the viewer as the mother, with a carefree stare. He has his arms wrapped around his mother neck as for protection and closeness; he is in standing position with his head turned to us.
In Perugino’s painting the child is looking to his right, showing his face profile. He’s sitting on his mother’s lap with his hands almost crossed. He seems to be peaceful and quite and Raphael’s is more energetic but also comfortable. The children are both hold by their mother depicting their guardian side. In Raphael’s painting the Virgin supports her baby with one hand and on her other hand the child is resting his foot on. In Perugino’s work Madonna supports her baby on her lap, with one hand around his back and the other stroking his leg.
Both artists show aspects of love between Madonna and Child, which is very crucial to the paintings. The colors of Raphael painting are warm and subtle, as in Perugino’s darker and vibrant, catch the attention to the viewer and unify the composition of work. The two Virgins hold their child very close to their body and the child expresses their love in return. The figures seem at ease with one another making the experience of the painting very relaxing.

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