In Japan, where I live, some people consider that parents are not the best teacher. I, however, I agree with the statement that parents are the best teacher for the following reasons.
First, when I had a difficulty educating my son, my mother gave me an outstanding suggestion. Her suggestion enabled me to help my son. Since then, I have felt sure that my mother is the best teacher for me. My son used my visa card for gambling without my permission when he was returning to Japan from the US. He lost around $9,000 dollars. I was very upset and got angry at my son. I am very strict and demanding to my son so that I tried to punish him. However, my mother was against me because my son had had difficulties in the US for many years and therefore had decided to come back to Japan. On the way to Japan, he had gambled and lost the money. When he came back to Japan, he was extremely depressed. My mother considered that getting mad at my son would make my son’s situation worse so that she suggested me not to be angry at him. She believed that my son would be rejuvenating himself since he had been an outstanding student. In Japan he was the captain of the soccer club and the president of the students’ body at high school. She just told me to encourage him. I followed her suggestions. Two months later, in Tokyo, my son received a job offer from one of the biggest four companies in the field of consulting business in the world. Thus, I learned that encouragement sometimes work to help young people, not punishment. Since then I have felt that my mother is the best teacher for me to educate my son. Excellent example with very good details!

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Second, my mother taught me how to handle people who give me difficulties. She used to say, “Give sweats to a person who puts the blame on you.” This is an old saying in Japan. The old saying sometimes works to solve problems with mean people. For example, when I had lived in an apartment, a person next to my door constantly had made noise so that I could hardly sleep every night. I had told this to my landlord, however the landlord was unable to rectify the situation. One day, I had recalled my mother’s quotes as in my earlier statement. I purchased sweats from my hometown and visited my neighbor. I handed the sweats to her and chatted a little about my hometown and the sweats. I had also indicated her that I hardly sleep every night. Since then, she stopped annoying me. Another very nice paragraph—good explanation and good example.
Thus, for these reasons, I agree with the statement that parents are the best teacher. My mother has given me a fair amount of suggestions about how to solve problems in a real world. In this sense, my mother is my best teacher for me.


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