Most people today cannot do whatever they feel like. They are limited by their religion, the government, or some other power. In the adventures of Odysseus, Odysseus leaves his kingdom to fight an ongoing war in the kingdom of Troy. When he reaches the city, he leads his troops to victory. Odysseus does not do this just because he felt like becoming a hero. He was ordered by the Greek gods to go to Troy and lead himself and his kingdom to victory. If Odysseus was able to do whatever he wanted, he probably would have said that he would not risk his life and leave his wife and newborn son just to fight a war that would most likely have no effect on his kingdom, and himself. But, he did not do that. To him, he was ordered by the gods to fight. This shows that he obviously is limited by what he is able to do. Odysseus is brave and fearless, but is not able to do whatever he wishes. His capabilities are limited by the gods; therefore he does whatever the gods tell him to do.
Since Odysseus has all of the gods to “watch is back” he would obviously have no fear since the most powerful things on earth would be there to help him if anyone or “ones” decided to pick a fight with him. Odysseus knew that with the gods on his side, not a single person in the world would be able to stand up to him. This knowledge of power made Odysseus feel, and act like he was fearless. Without fear, Odysseus could do whatever he felt like doing whenever, and wherever he wanted.

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Just because he did not have any fear, Odysseus still could not keep all of his soldiers under his control during a battle. Odysseus was also a brave man. For example when he and his men where sailing straight for the island of the Sirens, he was brave enough to sacrifice his sanity just so his men would be able to save themselves and steer the boat in the right direction and get away from the Sirens’ deadly song. This proves that Odysseus was also brave on top of being fearless.
Being brave, and being able to do whatever he wanted to do, whenever he wanted to, still did not give Odysseus ultimate power. Why? Because he is limited by the gods, the same beings that give him his fearlessness and braveness were the same that kept him from using it to gain total and complete power.
Odysseus is fearless, brave, and limited by what he can do by the gods. If any other person in the world today were given this power, fearlessness, and bravery, without being limited by the “gods”, they would most likely go and try to take out the president of the United States. They would do this just because they could. Odysseus would also do the exact same thing if he were not limited by the gods.
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