When started watching the Nike commercial with Roger Federer and Tiger Woods starring, the first idea that came into my mind was that I am present at the play of the year. I felt myself a spectator that is experiencing a breathe-taking game. I didn’t even percept this as a commercial as I was totally involved with the game till the end, when I finally saw Nike’s “Just do it”.
The commercial begins with the preparation of players to the game. They are obviously very serious about it and may be even nervous. Each of them understands that his opponent is the best in his kind of sport. Tiger Woods begins, his ball from being a ball for golf transforms into being tennis ball and Roger Federer strikes it back.

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It is interesting that behind Roger we can see a lot of advertisements of such companies, as Garnier, KIA Motors, IBM, GE Money, Melbourne, and there is only Nike cap at Tiger’s head. This cannot be random coincidence I suppose. During the game Tiger seems to be calm and confident, and Roger impulsive and anxious. At the end Tiger wins at his own golf field.
One of the ideas that came into my mind after first watching the commercial, was that creators wanted to compare play of Roger Federer and Tiger Woods, and by the way, I have found many articles in Internet and even forums where all their tournaments, games, prizes, backgrounds were discussed, but to me that appeared meaningless to compare two players from different sports, of different age and backgrounds and paths. For me it was like comparing a car and a sewing machine. They are both good, they both are for definite purpose, they are both helpful and it is difficult to say what it better. For a seamstress it will be sewing machine and for a business man a car. So, I just wanted to emphasize that everything is relevant. And this commercial is not an exception.
It is difficult to distinguish what product is proposed here, as proposing just Nike sportswear and staff is too simple meaning for such a commercial. It is more like making Nike an undividable part of sport life; it is more way of life then just staff for sports.
To my opinion primary purpose of this commercial is to show that if such masters of sports wear Nike and if they had achieved such astonishing results in their sports career them nothing is impossible to common people. It is like- if you wear Nike, you can be closer to legends of golf and tennis, you can play as well as they do, and this is nothing to afraid of, and each person should strive for achieving better results in everything that he or she does. Probably some other purpose was to show that no matter what kind of sport are you with, you should always do your best and win. And that doesn’t matter if your opponent is best in the other kind of game, you should always show prominent results and play the best how you can.
As I have already noticed, Nike logo was with Tiger Woods, and Roger was a kind of supported with many other companies. If it was not an accident, it can be concluded, that if you are with Nike you always win without any supernatural efforts. Winning – is the nature of Nike.
It is very bright commercial from the point of view of beautiful performance. It is very interesting to follow the ball and players, changing golf and tennis fields, spectators who are anticipating for the result of the match. I was totally focused on the ball, which seemed to me the most important issue of the commercial. First it was for golf, then for tennis. With the same success it could be for playing football or basketball. For me, that meant that there is no difference about the game you are playing, staff can be changed just for your benefit and according to your personal preferences, but the thing that matters is your attitude, desire and professionalism that you impact to this ball with every new contact with it. For sure it is just an instrument for achieving outstanding results, a mean of understanding and grasping the meaning of a game and following the path towards victory.
Nike commercial evokes controversial feelings and emotions, as it is difficult to say at once what it is about. I watched it for about twenty times and each new time I noticed something new, some new details. May be in such a commercial each person can find his own meaning, but for me it was about passion to sports, passion to life and about victory without any obstacles. It was a lot about the reality of being a professional player, as we do not see their everyday trainings and do not see the way they became so crafty today. We see just a spectacular game and Nike that says that we should try and everything will be just as we dream.
It is also about the fact that we create our own reality. And if we would like a golf star play tennis with tennis star, we will manage to organize it. Nike will help us in it. Not literally, but it will show and lead us in the necessary direction, if we don’t believe in ourselves or are afraid of something. Everything is possible. We just have to try and know that we are created to fulfill some divine tasks and to win. Nobody was created to fail. If people fail in something, that doesn’t mean that they are bad or born losers, they just have chosen the wrong occupation. Therefore for me it was a deep meaning of listening to yourself, doing what your heart whispers you to do and going towards your goal for success and constant victories.
Speaking about the intended audience, I wanted to say that it should definitely be interested in sports. It can amateur or professional, but it should love sport with all heart and soul. As only in such case it will understand the whole meaning of the game, strain and joy from the victory.
As to words, there are just two phrases at the end: “Legends are among us. Just do it. Nike.” They are simultaneously simple and covering the whole meaning of the commercial. For people such players as Roger Federer and Tiger Woods are legends.
They have followed their games and performances on TV, and for sure there was a desire to be closer to them. We always want to be closer to stars, to have a piece of their success with ourselves, to gain a part of their victorious energy in order to understand their way to success. We all want to be successful, it is true, and we need a piece of knowledge to be used in our personal lives. Nike makes them closer. We can buy it and feel that legends preferred it as well. And may be it was not the whole secret, but the part of it. But still I thing that Nike wanted to show not the meaning of things, but meaning of our own strength towards personal goals. It is not just ‘wear Nike and you will become a prominent golf player’. Commercial emphasizes upon our own efforts, what we do now to become who we would like to be. It is about how we shape our reality today and what do we choose today to do. As each moment in our lives should be meaningful, as there is no part and no future, just present, And today we should do what we want to, and probably only in such case we would be able to achieve our own heights.
Nike appears to be not the ultimate goal, but the mean to achieve our objectives. It probably can help us, but the direction we choose by ourselves.
Speaking about the cultural aspect of the commercial, it is obvious that Americans are winners. American culture presumes everything to be the best; it is the nation of winners. It is like if doing something then does it the best way, or better not doing at all.
My personal attitude to this commercial is very positive. It is strong from the point of view of and idea, as well as of the brand positioning and spectacular performance. I am not a huge sportive fan, but I was fascinated by the passion and confidence those two players were involved in the game. They are both different from the point of view of personalities, but their common feature is that they are highly professional sportsman, whose lives are sports and they are truly dedicated to their chosen occupations. It is obvious that they do what they should do, as they are both winners. And I want to be as well, but through my heart only.—————————————————————————–
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