Contrary to the opinion of the most Night Terrors – are not just a usual thing, more to it is not even a real dream in the sense of the word we are used to! Most of the people think that night terrors and nightmares are synonyms; however there is a clear distinction between the two terms on both psychological and physiological levels.
Take a thought of these examples: Night terrors occur in early night, usually several minutes after the person felt asleep, and it is not even a REM time. The beginning of the terrors are accompanied with body moving (which represents the relaxation of muscles), and then followed by excess sweating, shouting, and finally sudden awaking. What makes the person to do it? It’s a common place that people do not remember what happened in the dream in case of night terrors and that’s where the clue must me sought.

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Though the nature of night terrors has not been fully investigated the researchers determined that they happen during the early period, which takes place within an hour after the beginning of sleep and lasts from five to ten minutes. Night terrors are basically severe eclectic life-like nightmares (Jugass 24). Loud screaming and thrashing about are common; sleeping person is difficult to wake up and often recalls nothing but an overpowering emotion or a particular episode, if anything.
The causes of night terrors are not well understood, but as a form of dream they are thought to be only a bare “reflection of person’s unconsciousness” (Smoley 13). Night terrors provide our awareness a possibility to bring back its stability by balancing the subconscious affects in our lives and neutralizing the stress accumulated during working day.  
The physical explanation to the strange events of night terrors lies in the fact that before a person deeply falls asleep his brain waves begin regular alpha rhythms, indicating a relaxed state. While rhythms are being synchronized the inevitable wavelengths mismatches occur – they are the source for the brain to create phantasmagoric and terrifying pictures (Natterson 42). There is a psychological connection of person’s mental state to the kind of night dreams he has. One of the ideas is that mentally unstable people (which may include permanent and temporary instability, caused, for example, by sickness or some psychological trauma) experience more vivid and long-lasting night terrors.
After a brief examination of night terrors we now know that they are scientifically classified as ‘nightmare dreams’ but we tend to believe that night terror is an attempt of our soul to reconnect itself to the universal spirit and heal the wounds or find a solution to bothering question. Night terrors are a ‘balancing figure’ between every-day stress and deep relax of the brain at night. Person’s mental and physical health has direct impact on how often the night terrors happen.   At the end: avoiding night terrors is easy – just try not to take everything close to your heart and simply live your life always smiling.—————————————————————————–
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