According to a free health-checkup performed in Kamaiya Camps in Jhalari & Shovatal of Kailali district and Manohara & Geta of Kanchanpur districts, ninety percent of the children are suffering malnutrition, eighty percent of the women are suffering anemia and the problem of chest-pain & back-pain is found in most of the males.
International Nepal Fellowship conducted the above health-checkup program in 6 Kamaiya Camps of Kanchanpur and Kailali districts which was organized by Sukumbasi Utthan Samaj, Compassion Ministry Network and NLR Dhanghadi.

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The group of 10 people guided by Ellen Findlay, consisting of Dr David Hil, Mrs Mary Hill, David Cope, Dr. Betty Coutanceau and Dr Janet Clingking Bista conducted the health-checkup program in Manahara and Geta for 2 days and in Shovatal for 2 days. More than three thousand Kamaiyas were examined and medicines were distributed to them.
According to Ellen Findley, the children of Kamaiya are bound to have big worms in their stomach by the cause of malnutrition. Pneumonia has caused death of many children and such death is ongoing. Talking with SpaceTimes, she further said, “What would be their situation if they suffer epidemic diseases who do not have medicines even for killing worms of their stomach.”
Eighty percent of the Kamaiya females are feeling aged in their early age because of anemia. Ellen says, “Marriage in their childhood, giving birth to more than 6/7 children, not having adequate nutrition while in delivery and the like other problems have become their death elements.”
Kamaiya males are suffering from chest and back pain problems. Sukhlal Singh, the officer of NLR Dhangdhi says, “The young Kamaiyas were given a very high work-load and no sufficient rest while working in the farmers’ houses. It is the cause of their illness.”
Medicines were distributed in the free health-checkup program conducted from 29 Magh to 6 Falgun. Per person an egg, a packet of soya-bean, a liter of oil, two kg rice, clothes and a bath-soap were also distributed.
NLO chief Sukhlal Singh told that the children who were very serious by malnutrition were distributed one thousand packets of Lito. The serious patients not possible to treat there were referred to other hospitals for free treatment.
In the camps skits were also shown along with the medical checkups to make them aware on family planning and malnutrition. As a result, eight women and five men have shown their readiness for family-planning. So, there is a need of family-planning camps in the Kamaiya Camp itself, Chandra Saud mentions.
Netherlands Leprosy Release, Dhangadi has conducted Tuberculosis and Leprosy checkup program in Manhera Camp from Monday. The office informed to continue the program throughout the district.

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