"It is in our nature to destroy ourselves." This quote is from the movie "terminator 2." That is an interesting statement, but that movie could be our distant future. Then again that movie could stay pure faction. Based on that quote it comes as no surprise that the ways our society choices to operate are bad ones. But these ways are not wrong either; they are just laced with imperfections. When dealing with the unknown elements of technology not all components can be covered. It is fact that everything that can go wrong does. This idea is enforced by a quote from yet another quote from a movie called "Jurassic park" in this movie a scientist talks about a theory that deals with chaos and it simply states it is impossible to know what is going to happen. Examples of mistakes because of unknown events are given in the article called "The Nature of Complicated Enterprises." The author writes about problems that are bond to happen when an order goes through the many levels of the company, it is just like that game children play called telephone were the original statement ever matches the statement at the end.
A question worth asking is are there other possibilities that are not yet thought of? Of course there is. The human mind is the greatest technological device ever made. New ideas come everyday, but then again it was the mind that brought these problems to the party in the first place. Despair should not set in just yet for there is hope for humanity because we know there is a fact that technology could case problems in the future and when a problem is known then it can be stopped before it grows any worse. This is to comment on the issue of any "metaphysical blindness" if there was any blindness then why would the book we read the articles from even exist?

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There many reasons that current people believe that technology is going to be a problem. One reason was the ways society operates technology that was discussed in the above section. Another reason is the topic of this section and that is parts of society is being left in the dist. The rate of progress is growing faster everyday; and with the speedy rate of progress comes the speedy rate of new technologies. With all these new methods and devices coming out it is no wonder why some people feel they are falling behind and left wondering if they will ever catch up. But is that the fault of the technology or society? It is up to society to change and grow as well because it is society that wants this technology.
In regard to the articles of both Judy Wajcman and Timothy L. Jenkins; these two authors are saying that their own minorities were almost forced to be left behind by the white males, which I think is nothing but nonsense, and they had no choice. But I have to go back to my question of is that the fault of the technology? The reason women were left out is because they let themselves be left out. If women were and still are a major force in the history and future of technology then women should not have been left behind. Why didn’t the women use their maiden when they went to the patent office? So it was their fault not the technology. The same goes for the African-American society; Jenkins even said his people are not gatecrashers and if they are not doing anything to make such the African-American society stays with the rate of technology and then it is also their own fault.
The obligation of all society is to make such it stays with technology. If any group falls behind then it is their error, it is up to all of society to learn now to use the new methods and devices and if some segments are left in the dist then they earned it.
Is there a revolution is coming soon? If there is one coming then this revolution is not going to be the same as the ones in the past. This revolution is not going to be based on any battle but this revolution will be based on that of ideas. This coming revolution is more important then anything else in the past. It is too powerful to be left in the hands of one group. I do not know if the focus should be place just on the prudence, ecology, and decentralization. Even through these ideas are good they are not enough. I feel that in this revolution many things are going to change and in dealing with change of any type the decision cannot be left to one person. As stated in the conclusion of the nanotechnology perspiration many values, opinions, and views from many minds and cultures must be used in the decisions of this technological revolution.
Maybe it is not a revolution but just another step in evolution. A step in a great changing; maybe we are meant to grow with the technology.
Can We Fix It?
"Just because we can do it, should we?" is the question that the topic of technology is based on. This important question is really all about progress and man’s ability to create, the desire to change the world. The ideas of progress is to build on the something in order to make things better. There have in the past been many times where, this is a quote from "Jurassic park" again, "We created it and before we know what we have we box it and ship it and move on to the next thing and to hell with the results."
But this is just skipping around the question. In my opinion we should build it. The chances to make the world a better place must be taken. Things sometimes must be left to luck. In everything there is a good and a bad. The authors of these articles have hit the bad points and just have the good points a look over. Like in the nanotechnology paper states there are and always will be unintended results and we need to deal with them as best we can.
Will We See The Future?
It is interesting to watch movies based on technology from the future. Movies like "Jurassic park", the "terminator" and the "matrix". They all have technological creations that are trying to destroy humans. I wonder if this dark future awaits us. It is funny to think that the next dominant creature of this planet will be the CPU.
Will humanity Prevail? To me that question should not be asked. Of course it will. Humanity has been around for a long time. We have been around too long to just step into the dark and let our own creation take over. It is scary to think technology could give us a run for our money so to speak but it will not win. As stated before the human mind is too powerful to be beaten by a computer. Besides we have God on our side to we not?
My Plan
Now to my plan and ideas about technology. I feel that technology is needed. Technology is one the means of progress. The ways in which society operates the technology needs to be flexible to the point so they can change as well. Other possibilities are to be made as well; a back up plan is always good.
I was one of the people left behind. Before I came to DeVry Institute the world of computer was foreign to me. But now because I did not want to be in the part of society left behind I learned to catch up. All of society can catch up to technological progress. It is almost like the survival of the fittest, in order to survive a person has to keep up and if the person can’t then it is their own fault and they should not complain.
I am not such of the coming revolution, even if there is one. But I believe that in order to deal with this revolution the right decisions must be made. In order to make the right decisions more then one person has to be involved. As stated many times before many people have to make the decisions. Many values, ideas, and frames of mind will be needed to handle this revolution. Or the other statement I made is not a revolution but a step in evolution. We are always growing and maybe the technology is part of our growth. A comprise could be in order.
My answer to should we build it is yes. Progress demands it. But the answer to the next question is harder to come by. I do believe humanity will prevail. Even with all the technology and people saying that we will not. So to close with another quote from "Jurassic park" life will find a way.
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