The NAEYC code of ethics was created with intention to improve the well-being of all young children, with emphasis on the quality of education and the development of services for children from birth to 8 years. NAYEC wants to become a high-performance and comprehensive organization working in this direction.

Organized in 1926, NAYEC is the largest organization in the world, representing young children.

Almost 90 000 members, more than 300 local, regional and state affiliates, as well as a cooperating with a large number of like-minded organizations. The association is a leading publisher of educational resources, including books, videos, and posters for those who are interested in knowledge about early childhood education. Its studies on the formation of young children are published quarterly to help the NAYEC members and professionals working in the field of recent research to be aware of the ideas that they can use in their daily work. "Supporting teachers by strengthening families" is a program of the NAYEC Charitable Foundation, designed to prevent child abuse, child neglect, promoting healthy social and emotional development.

The program helps teachers of young children to better communicate with their families on these important issues. "The training program for school reading" is a program designed to mobilize resources and intellectual abilities that determine children’s readiness for school, as a priority. The NAYEC conferences are widely recognized as important venues of all who are concerned with early childhood education and young children. The annual conference brings together 25,000 participants and provides a valuable opportunity for professional growth. National Institute for Early Childhood participates in the conference. The programs for teachers training, higher education and advanced education professionals working with young children, must be accredited by the National Association. 

For this NAYEC working together with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Every spring NAYEC is sponsoring the baby week.

By this activity, NAYEC is trying to focus public attention on the importance of education for children at a younger age.

The education and development of young children is one of the most important tasks of our society. People, who chose to become teachers, have to take all responsibility and follow the NAEYC code of ethics to be worthy representatives of their profession.

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